Are you a viral romantic or a Larry Low Profile?

Have you ever thought what kind of love personality you have?

With social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being available at the tip of your finger, many relationships are exposed online before even telling your bezzie mate. However, there are still ‘some’ couples who like to keep their relationships on the d-low apparently…

We have created a love personality quiz for all you lovers out there, so that you can figure out just exactly what kind of a lover you are! Will you be shocked to find that Facebook knows more about your relationship than your partner, or are you the Traditional Tom who keeps things offline?

Personality type 1: The VIRAL ROMANTIC:

Do you Instagram French-kiss “selfies” and tweet pillow talk on Twitter? If you say yes to both the questions, it means that you’re the queen (or king) of modern cyber romance! It is clearly very important to you as to how others perceive you and your relationship;

You’re very likely to develop a relationship through social media by adding people on Instagram, impressing them with witty Twitter exchanges, and then casually asking them for a drink. All this is effortless for you!

But do be careful! While you’re busy tweeting and sharing pictures on Facebook, your closest friends are probably getting fed up with your oversharing. Plus if your relationship goes south, you might live to regret being so public about it. But don’t worry, as long as you remember to pick up the phone and call your friends from time to time—the virtual world of love is yours!

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Personality type 2: OLD SCHOOL LOVER:

Do you still use your landline to call people up? Does the thought of using social media for flirting and online dating give you the heebie-jeebies? Do you often find that your friends are trying to find out whether your boyfriend or girlfriend really exists? If you can answer all these three questions with a yes, well then we’d say you’re very traditional when it comes to matters of the heart.

You’re more likely to plan little personal romantic dates such as a candle-lit dinner or a scented bath with rose petals, and you wouldn’t hesitate to buy expensive concert tickets to impress him or her. Can you believe, traditional dating still exists!

But be careful because as much as we hate to break this to you, but you’re a bit of a fuddy-duddy. Traditional romance is great and your sweetheart would probably love that compilation tape you made for them… if they still lived in the 80’s! You need to get with it. Upload a cute picture on Facebook once in a while..there’s nothing wrong with that!

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Personality type 3: LARRY LOW PROFILE:

Do you hate everything about social media? According to you, does Twitter destroy the English language and Facebook expose you to hackers and serial killers? So it’s hardly surprising you’ve never uploaded a romantic picture or flirted on social media. The question is, though… do you actually flirt at all?

You take your online privacy very seriously. You know all about internet security and, very wisely, would never post your personal information (or anybody else’s) on the web. After all, someone is probably hacking into your computer now whilst you are reading this post.

But careful! Unless you’re super famous or deeply paranoid, there’s no need for all this hating and hiding. Whether you like it or not, we live in the age of social media. Used wisely, it can actually allow us to share great moments with our loved ones. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has been bugging you to join Facebook lately, don’t be a spoil sport. Share a little online love or ‘like’.

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Personality number 4: SOCIAL LOVE JEDI:

Do like posting a romantic photo to mark an anniversary or a special day? Do you only update your relationship status on Facebook if your other half is happy for you to? Well then congratulations, because you have mastered the art of sharing your private life in a positive way on social media.

You can strike a perfect balance between offline and online. Just like in your real life, you conduct your online relationships gracefully and without scandal or drama. For you, social networking is just a fulfilling extension to your already happy and balanced life.

But do be careful! It’s good to share your happiest moments and successes on social media, but don’t be too politically correct. It’s boring and nobody likes a saint. If you’re heartbroken, that’s what your network is there for: to catch you when you’re down.

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Take our love personality quiz and find out your love personality!