How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Studs

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Studs

If you are looking to purchase the perfect diamond studs and give them as a gift to that special someone, consider a fabulous pair of diamond stud earrings. Diamonds have long been considered one of the perfect gifts for a lady and you can’t go too wrong with a classic stud. Fashion trends are always changing, but some things seem to never change including the timeless diamond stud earrings. When it comes to diamond stud earrings, there are many great choices to suit all tastes and style. The advantage of wearing diamond studs is simple: no matter if you are wearing a classic blue jean or a beautiful wedding dress, studs will always look great!

We handcraft a  variety of different diamond studs. If you’re struggling to choose a gift from the selection, consider the following points:

What is the shape of her face? If her face is thin, then round cut diamond studs will look best. If her face is slightly broader, then princess cut diamond studs will complement her look. You’ll want to match up the right diamond for the right face to give her the right look.

What is her skin tone? The metal setting for the diamond should match her skin tone. White gold or platinum sets off a cool skin tone while yellow gold looks great on a woman with a warm skin tone. Perhaps match this colour to the colour of jewellery she normally wears.

Does she already own studs? Upgrade her cubic zirconia to beautiful diamond studs or if she already owns a simple pair, try buying a more adventurous, unique style.

Chloe Diamond Stud

Chloe Diamond Stud £289

3.4mm 18K White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings – 0.30CT

The delicate round cut of these decorative diamond stud earrings give them an elegance which will never go out of fashion. The 18K white gold settings securely hold the 0.30CT Premium Quality Diamonds in a choice of a 4 or 6 claw grip. The Chloe range of earrings are available in alternative carat weights.


Galileo Diamond Stud £649

Galileo Diamond Stud £649

Galileo 1.00ct Look Diamond 0.30ct and 18k White Gold Earrings

Get the look of a much larger diamond with the Galileo diamond setting. Using a clever method of setting smaller diamonds to perfectly fit, we are able to create the illusion of a single diamond. In these earrings, the look of the 0.30cts of Diamonds are equal to a pair of diamonds with a 1.00ct total diamond weight.


Olivia Diamond Stud £1645

Olivia Diamond Stud £1645


18K White Gold Princess Diamond 0.80ct Earrings 

This stunning pair of Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings are perfect for the sophisticated, work wardrobe. The white gold claw setting cases 0.80CT of H/Si quality Diamonds.


Gold Rub Over Studs

Gold Rub Over Studs £1489

18K Gold Rub- over Diamond Earrings

The glamorous look of these diamond stud earrings ensures they will make a lovely gift for someone special. The earrings feature a total of 0.66CT of G/VS Quality Diamonds which sparkle in the yellow gold rub over setting.


What kind of diamond studs do you own? Do you like our top picks and guide?

Rosario Dawson – Diamond Hoop Earrings – Get The Look!

rosaraSteal Rosario Dawson’s style with our stunning diamond hoop earrings!


OK so she has a great figure, beautiful hair and and a gorgeous smile….but we can all have the earrings right?


Ours are a stunning pair of hoop earrings, delicately set in 9K white gold the high quality diamonds are claw set with 0.75CT of premium quality diamonds and of course come with free delivery and a 5 year guarantee.


View the earrings: click here

Jewellery The Apprentice, Karren Brady, Jade Nash, Gabrielle Omar, Bilyana

Heart Pendant 0.03CT Diamond 9K White Gold


Tonight was the first episode of the eigth series of The Apprentice.  There was so much jewellery going on.  Gabrielle wore a lovely heart pendant that she wears in her video interview for The Apprentice.  More Heart Pendants.






16.5 Inch Fresh Water Pearl Necklace With 9K Gold Clasp



Then there is Jade Nash who has the strangest voice but seems a good candidate so far.  Jade wears pearls, although Im not too sure they are suit her.  Large pearl necklace and Pearl earrings. More Pearl Jewellery







Karren Brady wears her usual large Diamond Stud Earrings, my favourite piece of jewellery.  More Diamond Stud Earrings.







Chandelier Earrings 0.33CT Diamond 9K White Gold


In the programme afterwards The Apprentice You´re Fired Bilyana wore a lovely blue dress and some stunning chandelier earrings. More Chandelier Earrings.









Thea Green on The Apprentice You´re Fired wore some lovely drop earrings very similar to these.  These also come in other colours like peridot and amethyst.  More Earrings.


Andrea McLean Earrings

Andrea McLean on Loose Women is looking better and better as she´s getting older.   She looks amazing today in her bright red dress. She comes across very nice on the TV, yet she seems to create a lot of bad press, especially about her relationships.


Andrea often wears earrings, most of the time, big hoop earrings, sometimes diamond stud earrings and also the occasional chandelier earring.











I personally think that earrings are  the most important piece of jewellery to wear if you can.  They really can make you look very different, bringing more colour to your face  and also change your whole look.   So, if you are a bit lazy with accessorizing, make sure put your earrings in at least.


Peridot Earrings – Peridot Drop Earrings

Peridot is probably one of the least known  gemstones judging from speaking to my friends.  They all know Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, but not many were sure of what colour Peridot would be.


Peridot is a beautiful lime green colour gemstone.  Not everyones colour!  So if you are thinking of buying some Peridot Earrings as a gift for someone, do make sure that you can return them, as the gemstone may not go with their skin tone, eyes or hair.  May sound a bit strange, but gemstones are like clothes…where colour and shade play quite a big part with how you look.




These stunning Peridot & Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings are 9K White Gold in claw setting. 0.27ct of gemstone and 0.42CT of premium quality diamonds.




These Peridot Drop Earrings are 9K White Gold Peridot Drop Earrings.  For more details and the latest price, click on the picture.


The Diamond Store have some wonderful Peridot Jewellery including Peridot Pendants and Cheap Peridot Rings.

Jewellery, Earrings, Necklaces on Take Me Out

If you were watching Take Me Out tonight you would have seen loads of bling!  The girls were really jeweled up tonight with rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  One girl that stood out was Lucy.  Lucy is the girl right in the middle.  She was wearing diamond studs with a simple diamond solitaire necklace.  Well, whether its real diamonds I don’t know but if you are looking for something similar there are lots of Diamond Stud Earrings to choose from here.  Here are some gorgeous Diamond Solitaire Necklaces just like Lucy from Take Me Out

Lucy Diamond Earrings & Necklace Take Me Out

The Becca looked very sophisticated tonight with her hair put up and wearing some pearl earrings and also a diamond collarette necklace.

Becca Pearl Earrings Take Me Out

Merlisa and a few other ladies wore some big diamonte chandelier earrings.

Merlisa Earrings Take Me Out