Diamonds, Camera and…. ACTION

Playing dress up is every girl’s dream, and this is exactly what we did when we invited five bloggers down to our #MillionDollarBlogger day at Venture Studios in Knightsbridge.

diamond store-048

The Diamond Store team were hard at work, sourcing the best outfits and hand-picking diamonds for the bloggers to model. Having raided Oxygen Boutique in Soho with stylist Hayley Korn, they then smuggled (loaned) some of the chicest outfits they have ever laid our eyes on, to turn these bloggers into the sassiest queens. I mean, how amazing does American Girl in Chelsea blogger, Christy Osborne look below?

Whilst we watched bloggers dive in and out of dresses, two pieces, skirts and play suits, the main question was what piece of jewellery would match best?! We therefore decided to let the bloggers loose and select the pieces which best matched their mood and outfit. After all, have you ever tried on a diamond necklace and instantly felt elevated in your mood? We like to call it the-diamond-effect, as quite simply, once you are ladenned in diamonds it is hard to not add an extra sparkle to your smile.

Starting off we had Life of Yablon blogger, Emma Parlons, followed by Fashion Editor Lisa Haynes. Next in line we saw the wonderful Gemma Knight from The Cheshire Magazine, followed by American Girl in Chelsea Christy Osborne. Last but not least, Nancy Gibbs from It’s a Lifestyle Thing modelled the snazziest evening gown to end the event with a bang.

To see behind the scenes of our event, check out the video below.

Million Dollar Blogger

With huge thanks to Venture Photography for lending us their state of the art studios in Knightsbridge, to Oxygen Boutique for supplying the swankiest clothes a girl could dream of, to Hayley Korn for dressing up the bloggers, to Sara Ibgi for turning the girls into beautiful swans, and to Lauren Jacobs for styling their hair.

Cheryl Cole’s Engagement Ring – How Much – How Big?

Cheryl Cole has been sweeping the headlines this morning regarding her secret marriage to the French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. The couple tied the knot on the 7th of July on a beach on the Island of Mustique, after just THREE months of dating. What a quick mover CC!

Celebrities at the Firehouse Club, London, Britain - 30 May 2014

We’ve been swamped for requests for her  gorgeous engagement ring, so we had to quickly figure out what size she was sparkling!

The two main questions we have had….what is the value of cheryl cole’s engagement ring and how big is the diamond in the ring?

We have estimated that the centre diamond is Emerald Cut and is approximately 5CT and is a G/Vs quality diamond! The Trapezoid Side Diamonds are approximately 1.50ct and are set in platinum. We wouldn’t put past the value of this beautiful ring to about £275,000. Cheryl is definitely one lucky girl, who would turn this down?


cheryl cole ring

Her wedding band looks is a diamond studded band, which is almost identical to our Platinum Diamond Eternity ring below. Ours costs £2575, what do you think Cheryl’s cost?

We absolutely love Cheryl’s engagement ring! What’s your opinion about it? Check out our full range on

Let’s hope this marriage lasts, then we can provide the jewels for her anniversaries to come :-)

Skinted vs. Minted

It takes a lot to keep up with expensive fashion and jewellery trends, and sometimes before you know it you’ve burnt a big hole in your wallet simply to stay on trend. Luckily, with The Diamond Store’s jewels, you don’t have to. We have tons of pieces that look fab that you don’t have to dip into your life savings to purchase!

We all love our heart pendants; this The Diamond Store’s and Tiffany’s heart necklace are so similar you would never notice the difference!

Kim Kardashian is also a big fan of her heart necklaces and jewellery! This is a perfect piece to give as a gift. Men, take note for girlfriends/wives birthday’s or next Valentine’s Day!

Our favourite French jeweller Cartier has some divine pink sapphire rings, which we at The Diamond Store are in love with too (amazing colour for this time of year.)

Nicole Richie is obviously a big pink sapphire fan too, it’s the colour of her engagement ring! Adds a pop of colour to any outfit.

Everyone adores a beautiful pair of diamond drop earrings and we have some that are not so dissimilar to that of De Beers’.

All the A-Listers are wearing diamond drops – simply a timeless classic. If they’re good enough for them, they’re certainly good enough for us!

Who isn’t a lover of elegant emeralds? We personally think they suit everybody and always look gorgeous.

Lastly, you can’t beat a simple and beautiful engagement ring. We have found a Van Cleef & Arpels ring that resembles ours almost exactly! (except ours is under the £1,000 mark)

To read more about other Spring 2014 jewellery trends, take a look at Harpers Bazaar’s ‘Runway Jewellery’ post:

On Adding A Touch of Sparkle…

On Adding A Touch of Sparkle…

We would like to give a warm welcome to our guest blogger of the week, Sophie Atkinson  from The Shirt Company are experts in women’s blouses and shirts making it so easy to find THAT perfect white shirt. Sophie kindly lets us know her  top tips for pairing your favourite shirts with jewellery to add that added oomph to your ensemble.  

If you’re a creative soul, you probably love minimal clothes. A white shirt is like a blank canvas – it’s far easier to add personal touches to a plain shirt (your favourite lipstick, a delicate necklace, a fun scarf) and style it to reflect your personality than it is with that zany high street dress that everyone’s bought that clashes with every pair of shoes you own and means you have to spend all night at a house party hiding from your five other style doppelgangers.

We don’t think minimalism has to equal plain – in fact, we’re complete magpies at The Shirt Company HQ and if it sparkles, we’ve probably bought it!


On Valentine’s Day last year, I had an enormous, stonking argument with my boyfriend about diamonds. Ladies – judge me not – I wasn’t browbeating him into a proposal or anything. My other half simply made the mistake of confessing that he’d been thinking about buying me a fabulous, glamorous diamond necklace, but had then asked himself, where would I wear it?

My jaw dropped. The depressing thing is, my boyfriend’s not alone in thinking like this. So many women seem to think you need to be an Oscar winner to wear a diamond necklace or have tickets to the opera.

Are we in 2013 or 1813? Diamonds are classic – just like blue jeans, white shirts, and that little black dress you’ve worn to death. They’re tasteful, never showy, and as such, are just the thing for daytime attire as well as evening. So promise me this: buy yourself diamonds (because really, again, it’s 2013, so we shouldn’t really be waiting for our boyfriends to do it for us) and wear them to the office tomorrow, with your favourite work shirt. Plus I promise you they’re not the mortgaging-your-house price you might assume them to be if you haven’t bought diamonds before – I usually try The Diamond Store for great pieces that cater for any and every budget.


As with yoga, Buddhism, and carrying your work bag, gym kit and shopping bags all the way home when you miss the bus, great styling’s all about balance. A simple neckline goes well with more ornate, decorative jewellery. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a frilled or ruffled neckline has to be worn without jewellery. Even statement shirts look lovely with a simple chain – a small diamond simply accentuates the glamour that the neckline introduces. Something like this gorgeously simple necklace will add a subtle sparkle to pretty much any outfit, no matter how ornate.

RTC-G3224 - diamond necklace



Styling rules are useful, but ultimately fashion should be fun and a way of saying ‘Hey World, this is what I’m about’. If you love classic style, don’t be swayed by magazine editorials – rock that discrete diamond, that thin chain. Equally, if you’re loud, lively and love strong, bold pieces, go for ‘em. Isn’t the beauty of jewellery is that it’s such an intensely personal thing? So ditch the rules and load up on multiple bangles or three different necklaces of varying lengths, if that’s what you’re into, or the most lovely, subtle chain.

G4942 diamond necklace


Still stuck for inspiration? Check out our favourite pics from across the web of some lovely shirts worn with even lovelier jewellery.

Street style from Stockholm.

A discrete diamond cross and shirt combo, courtesy of Elle Spain.


From the Veronique Branquinho Spring/Summer 2013 collection, models wore bracelets at the tops of their arms.


Vogue Paris, September 2013


Layering different length necklaces.


A sultry take on the trend.

(Left-right) Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, Nicky Hilton, Elizabeth Olsen all rock the look.

(Left-right) Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, Nicky Hilton, Elizabeth Olsen all rock the look.

Guest blog post from celebrity stylist, Nikita Karizma

Pop Culture Diamond Trends

The Diamond Store blog has collaborated with the talented designer and stylist, Nikita Karizma. The young London designer breaks the mold of design by expressing powerful positive messages through her clothing.

She graduated from London College of Fashion in 2011 with a love of hard-edged fabrics, armoured structure & launched her label in 2012 with a strong ‘punk/pop, glam/grunge” design aesthetic. She was commissioned to create clothes for Amelia Lily and Little Mix for The X Factor finals from her graduate range, also published in Dazed and Confused. Following commissions include for Alexandra Burke’s Heartbreak on Hold album launch, the JLS 4th Dimension tour, DYLON Colour Catcher, Tess Daly, Viktoria Modesta, Little Mix, Misha B and Poppy Delevingne.


Diamonds, pop stars and fashion designers

The fashion industry, models, designers and music artists all create what we call pop culture, which I believe is a hugest influence on fashion and social trends of society today.  I have highlighted my favourite diamond pop culture influences of this season as The Diamond’s Store guest blogger.


Victoria Secrets

The Victoria Secret fantasy bra this year is being worn by Angel Candice.  This year it is dubbed as the Royal Fantasy bra with 4,200 precious gems including rubies, diamonds and yellow sapphires set in 18 carat gold with a 52-carat ruby at the centre, worth $10 million.  The nod towards British heritage in this years Victoria’s Secret catwalk show will undoubtedly spark off a trend of British inspired diamond jewellery.

The prestigious, jeweled luxury item was last year worn by Alessandra Ambrosio and encrusted with amethysts, sapphires, rubies, white, pink and yellow diamonds all encrusted with 19 carat rose and yellow gold.


Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne both wore diamond encrusted ear cuffs this year on the red carpet.  The beautiful accessories stole the show with both girls sweeping their hair up to showcase the diamond ear piece.  Rita Ora wore the diamond accessory with a beautiful white Marchesa gown.

Cara Delevigne Rita Ora


2013 has seen to the worlds most famous music artists flashing diamond grills.  Love them or hate them the likes of Katy Perry, Madonna, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus have been spotted with real gold or diamond encrusted teeth.



Kim Kardashian was shot famously by Karl Lagerfeld this year whilst pregnant.  The images featured a heavily jewelled headgear covering Kim’s face.  Jewelled headgear are always a huge statement on the red carpet and catwalk  but this piece has taken the trend to a new level by concealing her entire face.

Kim Kardashian.

Rita Ora has continually made fashion headlines during her sky rocketing music career this year.  I love this photo shoot of Rita wearing a diamond encrusted antler headgear.  The statement piece made the look and Rita’s personality completed the look.

rita mag



 The Chanel show in Paris was the most Avant Garde showcase of Fashion Week this season complete with a pop art runway, the world’s most famous celebrities and fashion royalty.  Cara Delevingne stole the show, Miranda Kerr wore diamond encrusted sunglasses to the event and Katy Perry caused a fashion stir posing with a giant Chanel bag.


Chanel have a history of working with diamonds and precious stones in their luxury jewellery collections.  It all began in 1932 when Coco Chanel declared her love for diamonds.  ‘I want jewels that slip between fingers of a woman like a ribbon.’

coco chanel

This video takes you through the history of diamonds with Coco Chanel in 1932 till Chanel today.

Follow Nikita’s style journey over on her official website Keep posted with Nikita’s daily antics by following her on Twitter @Nikita_Karizma

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Studs

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Studs

If you are looking to purchase the perfect diamond studs and give them as a gift to that special someone, consider a fabulous pair of diamond stud earrings. Diamonds have long been considered one of the perfect gifts for a lady and you can’t go too wrong with a classic stud. Fashion trends are always changing, but some things seem to never change including the timeless diamond stud earrings. When it comes to diamond stud earrings, there are many great choices to suit all tastes and style. The advantage of wearing diamond studs is simple: no matter if you are wearing a classic blue jean or a beautiful wedding dress, studs will always look great!

We handcraft a  variety of different diamond studs. If you’re struggling to choose a gift from the selection, consider the following points:

What is the shape of her face? If her face is thin, then round cut diamond studs will look best. If her face is slightly broader, then princess cut diamond studs will complement her look. You’ll want to match up the right diamond for the right face to give her the right look.

What is her skin tone? The metal setting for the diamond should match her skin tone. White gold or platinum sets off a cool skin tone while yellow gold looks great on a woman with a warm skin tone. Perhaps match this colour to the colour of jewellery she normally wears.

Does she already own studs? Upgrade her cubic zirconia to beautiful diamond studs or if she already owns a simple pair, try buying a more adventurous, unique style.

Chloe Diamond Stud

Chloe Diamond Stud £289

3.4mm 18K White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings – 0.30CT

The delicate round cut of these decorative diamond stud earrings give them an elegance which will never go out of fashion. The 18K white gold settings securely hold the 0.30CT Premium Quality Diamonds in a choice of a 4 or 6 claw grip. The Chloe range of earrings are available in alternative carat weights.


Galileo Diamond Stud £649

Galileo Diamond Stud £649

Galileo 1.00ct Look Diamond 0.30ct and 18k White Gold Earrings

Get the look of a much larger diamond with the Galileo diamond setting. Using a clever method of setting smaller diamonds to perfectly fit, we are able to create the illusion of a single diamond. In these earrings, the look of the 0.30cts of Diamonds are equal to a pair of diamonds with a 1.00ct total diamond weight.


Olivia Diamond Stud £1645

Olivia Diamond Stud £1645


18K White Gold Princess Diamond 0.80ct Earrings 

This stunning pair of Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings are perfect for the sophisticated, work wardrobe. The white gold claw setting cases 0.80CT of H/Si quality Diamonds.


Gold Rub Over Studs

Gold Rub Over Studs £1489

18K Gold Rub- over Diamond Earrings

The glamorous look of these diamond stud earrings ensures they will make a lovely gift for someone special. The earrings feature a total of 0.66CT of G/VS Quality Diamonds which sparkle in the yellow gold rub over setting.


What kind of diamond studs do you own? Do you like our top picks and guide?

Enhanced Diamonds – What Are They?

1ct Enhanced Diamond Engagement RingWhat are clarity enhanced diamonds?


Almost every diamond has specks of uncrystallised carbon within, what we call imperfections. These imperfections can affect how well the diamond sparkles and diamonds with fewer imperfections are generally found to be more attractive.


The Diamond Store’s clarity enhanced diamonds are genuine diamonds that have gone through an enhancement process using the latest laser technologies to remove these imperfections. A glass-like substance that closely resembles the natural hardness of a diamond is used to fill the tiny holes made by the laser. This substance does not affect the diamond in any noticeable way and still allows the maximum amount of light to sparkle.


These diamonds also are certified by the European Gemological Laboratory, attesting to their high quality.


The latest technologies are used to Enhance these genuine diamonds to eliminate any visible inclusions. Our enhanced diamonds have an EGL laboratory certificate attesting to its high quality.


The important point here is that the Colour, Carat (weight) and Cut are not affected at all…this remains the same…it is only the Clarity that is enhanced.


What this means in simple terms is that the inclusions (small visible marks) are made to be less obvious…the other factors do not change.


Which diamonds are enhanced?


Diamond that have fantastic, high levels of 3 out of the 4 C’s. So the colour will be great, in our case H, the cut will be good or excellent and the Carat Weight will be a popular weight.


Originally this would have been a diamond that had visible inclusions…but if they were worked on they would give a truly beautiful diamond…these are the diamonds that are enhanced.


Are they still real diamonds?


Yes, as mentioned above enhancing only alters the Clarity…the diamond is still a real diamond that is mined, cut and polished.


Can you see a difference?


In all honesty unless you are an expert there is no way you can tell the difference between an enhanced diamond and one that hasn’t been enhanced….


What about diamond certificates?


Our enhanced diamonds are sold with an official EGL diamond certificate..the certificate will state the diamond is enhanced.


How does it affect value?


Our enhanced diamonds are between 30% – 50% cheaper than our non-enhanced diamonds.


Can they be resold?


As with regular diamonds Enhanced Diamonds can of course be re-sold and in our opinion they will hold there value in line with regular certified diamonds.


Who would buy a clarity enhanced diamond?


Anyone…but they are especially appealing to customers who want a large diamond (1ct) but have a limited budget….after all no one can tell the difference!


Does it last forever?


Extreme heat or chemical exposure can affect the diamond…but we are talking of temperatures above 1500 degrees…so in essence, yes it does last forever.


You can view or range of Enhanced Diamond Rings Here.