Easy Tips How to Pack Jewellery When Travelling This Christmas

jewellery_packing_tips_thediamondstore.jpgYOUR jewellery means a lot to you. Its value almost certainly extends beyond monetary worth. That means making a little bit of extra effort to keep it safe when travelling during the holidays.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few jewellery packing tips to aid you on your way!


The safest way to pack jewellery is to use a special case for it. The best cases are ones that have spaces for all types of jewellery and won’t allow earrings, bracelets and necklaces to get tangled. If you don’t want to take a jewellery case you can invest in a jewellery roll.

Jewellery rolls have become popular with travellers who want to carry less and save space as they are easily rolled and folded to take up less room in the case. We love this one from Dulwich Designs.



It’s also possible to safely pack jewellery without a case or a roll. Here are some of the best techniques we’ve used on our travels.

Rings also get easily misplaced when they’re not being worn. You can keep rings in small jewellery or zip lock bags for safety. They won’t take up much space, but will stop the rings from tangling with necklaces or getting lost. Don’t forget that diamonds and gemstones can scratch and damage each other if stored together. Always keep each ring in its own bag.


Losing a favourite earring is always upsetting. Keep stud earrings together using a button to hold them both in place. Smaller hoop earrings can be kept in small zip seal food bags. Larger earrings are more fragile and should be kept in something sturdier.

If you’re taking a delicate brooch with you on holiday, keep it in a hard jewellery box or tin. You mustn’t risk putting your brooch in anything that can’t protect it, so zip seal bags and cardboard boxes are a no go.

Necklaces can become knotted or tangled if they’re not packed properly. To avoid problems, necklaces must be individually packed. The best way to do this is by looping them through drinking straws. This will ensure they stay safe on even the bumpiest trips.

As a final note, when you take jewellery on holiday with you don’t forget to make sure it’s covered by your insurance!

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8 Tips How to Make Your Diamonds Sparkle At The Office Party

how_clean_polish_diamonds_thediamondstore.jpgYOU’VE bought the dress, done the hair and put on your heels. Now it’s time for the icing on the cake… your favourite diamond jewellery. No Christmas party look is complete without it.

But when was the last time you polished your diamond ring, bracelet or earrings?

Less-than-brilliant bling can spoil your party look. Here our jeweller reveals how to make those rocks really shine!


♥ DO use a soft touch. They may be the hardest mineral on earth, but keep in mind diamonds are precious, natural stones. Handle them with care. Don’t scrub them aggressively when cleaning or use excessive force when handling them.

how_shine_diamonds_thediamondstore.jpg♥ DO treat your diamonds to a regular soak. Weekly cleaning with mild soap, warm water and a gentle scrub with an old toothbrush is the best (and cheapest) way to ensure your diamonds looks their best. Always clean diamonds in a bowl, not over a sink. A loose stone could disappear down the drain. Also, this treatment is not advised for pearls as it may leave them looking dull.

♥ DO prescribe your diamonds Alka-Seltzer. This is a great pick-me-up for dull jewellery. Simply drop it in a fizzing glass of the popular antacid for a couple of minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth. Your diamond will sparkle like new.

♥ DO use an ultrasonic cleaner for ingrained grime. These nifty little gadgets send high frequency sound waves through a detergent solution, vibrating the fluid to remove tough grime from hard-to-get-at nooks. Be warned, though, that effective as they are, they can shake stones loose if used for too long. If in doubt, your jeweller will do an ultrasonic clean for you.


how_store_diamond_jewellery_thediamondstore.jpg♦ DON’T over-handle your diamonds! Diamonds attract the oil that’s naturally produced by your skin. This in turn gathers a layer of dust particles that makes a diamond look dull. When handling or putting on your earrings, wear cotton gloves. If you’re polishing your ring’s band, hold on to the diamond with a lint-free cloth instead of your fingers.

♦ DON’T let diamonds rub together. They are the hardest mineral on earth, but one diamond can easily scratch and damage another. Always, ALWAYS store diamonds in an appropriate jewellery box, carefully separated so they don’t touch each other.

♦ DON’T expose diamonds to sudden temperature changes. This is especially important if your diamond has any inclusions. Diamonds may not respond well to sudden contact with hot water, and any existing natural fissures might cause the stone to break open. When cleaning, use lukewarm water first and then slowly graduate to warm water.

♦ DON’T use chlorine and other abrasive or corrosive solutions. This is particularly good advice if your diamond is set in jewellery. Metals are easily eroded by chemicals. For this reason it’s a good idea to remove jewellery before getting into a chlorinated pool.

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7 Best Rated Jewellery Items Women Want for Christmas

shutterstock_231754927MOST men have more than one amazing woman in their lives. Keeping them all happy at Christmas can be tricky!

We’ve just made things a little easier. Here are our seven most highly rated jewellery items. Based on real, independently collected reviews from our customers, they’re available from £89 to £235.

#7 – One Carat Tanzanite Studs, £89
These tanzanite earrings have 100% 5-star reviews. Tanzanite is a very rare mineral only found near Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, and it’s known for its magical violet-blue shimmer.


#6 – Diamond Cluster Earrings, £209
Real diamonds always make good presents, especially when they cost this little. The popularity of our Premium Quality diamond cluster earrings proves it.


#5 – Diamond Initial Pendants, £159
This is the latest celebrity “in” item. Diamond initial pendants are personal and beautiful, available in white or yellow gold. From our reviews we know our customers love them.


#4 – Diamond Drop Earrings, £235
These diamond drop earrings in white gold have risen to our Top 5 best selling items of jewellery. That means they’ll go down extremely well as Christmas presents.


#3 – Diamond Heart Pendants, £149
This is our top selling white gold and diamond heart pendant, as well as our Top 3 rated item of jewellery. It’ll make your mother’s, wife’s or daughter’s eyes light up.



#2 – Diamond Tennis Bracelets, £235
We think this bracelet is a beauty – and our female customers agree. With Premium Quality diamonds set in UK hallmarked silver, it’s available for under £250. No wonder it’s in second place!


#1 – Diamond Stud Earrings, £199
By far our biggest seller year in year out, diamond stud earring dazzle and shine, go with everything, and let’s face it, they’re diamonds! What more could a girl want? This pair you see in the video below is our best seller.



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It’s Christmas…well nearly!

Oh my goodness, it is THAT time again where all the supermarket shelves are stocked with Christmas items, YIKES!! With Christmas being just over 3 months away we thought that we would have to jump on the Christmas bandwagon too and create a Diamond Store Wish List. I mean, who else doesn’t prompt to their partner with what they would like MONTHS in advance?

To make the process easier, we have taken a piece of The Diamond Store jewellery from each category and paired it with a Bond Street classic. Need we say more?! Our pieces win every time.

Number one on our Wish List is this gorgeous Yellow Sapphire and diamond ring.

We have paired this ring with another Sapphire ring from The Natural Sapphire Company which costs a whooping  £1695.


Number two on our Wish List are these Tanzanite and diamond white gold  flower earrings for £175.

Who says you need to spend £3,650 on a pair from Tiffany and Co (below) when ours are just as dazzling?


Third on our Wish List is this diamond cluster bracelet for £2,609!! Yes, stop drooling, we love it too.

We have matched it with Cartier’s finest which costs a steep £4,400.


 And finally, on our Wish List is this white gold diamond cluster necklace. Surely if you tell your partner three months in advance, they have time to consider it, right?!

We have matched this pendnat with a white gold diamond necklace from H.Samuel, which is  double the price for £1499.


Whats going to be on your Christmas Wish List from our range? Start sending hints, because before you know it, Santa will be climbing down your chimney.


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Your Beauty Guide for Christmas

Your Beauty Guide for Christmas

As well as adorning an outfit with jewels, we at The Diamond Store LOVE a great makeup and hairstyle combination to offset your dress and jewels. The party season has arrived and we have done our best to pluck out our favourite looks to see you through to the New Year.

Sleek and Stylish

Jourdunn Dunn

The sleek pony tail has got to be on of the easiest styles to re-create at home. It offers a sophisticated, sultry and ultra preened look. Pull hair back to the crown of the head using a paddle brush and secure with a hair band. Pull a single strand from the pony tail and wrap it around the hair band to disguise it. Secure this with a bobby pin. Emerald green is the ultimate party season colour so sweep on a dark Emerald green with a hint of sparkle over the lash line or in high feline flicks like Jourdan Dunn.



Choppy Waves

hairstyle 2

A boho-esque, choppy hairstyle is perfect to create a more playful look. This can be achieved by setting the hair in rollers and brushing out once set with a fine toothed comb. If you already have a natural wave, scrunch damp hair in your hands and finish with a touch of serum for added gloss. Team this look with purple shadow. Go for a deep purple on the lash line with a softer purple working up the eye lid. Add black feline flicks for some Alexa Chung fun.



Super Straight

hairstyle 4

The classic straight blow dry adds a grown up, sultry spin to an outfit. Get the best out of this look by teaming with a smoky eye like Mila Kunis. Line eyes with a black liner and smudge in charcoals, greys and dark browns to achieve a mysterious look. Finish with lashing of mascara.



Princess Bun

hairstyle 8

Doesnt Rosie Huntington Whiteley look amazing? We love her preened bun and think it would be another perfect style for the Christmas period. Pull hair up into a pony tail and secure it at the crown. Wrap hair around the hair tie and secure with hair grips. For extra oomph and volume, invest in a hair doughnut. To get the best out of the look, we would also stick to neutral make up as the hair should do all the talking. Sweep a light brown over the lid, work in a little gold and brush just under the eyebrow with a highlighter. Also add plenty of shimmer!



What do you think of our make up and hair styles? Which is your favourite? Let us know on Twitter @DiamondStoreUK!

Christmas with The Diamond Store

Christmas with The Diamond Store

Can it really be time to start Christmas shopping already? It seems like only yesterday we were quietly putting that unwanted bath set on sale on eBay. Treat loved ones and friends to a present they will always cherish. We’ve made finding that gift easier than ever with our Christmas gift guide. Our in-house stylist has picked out her favourite pieces to be enjoyed by everyone!


Christmas gifts under £100 



I absolutely love the vibrant colour of these Tanzanite earrings. The beautiful purple/blue hue of these tanzanite gemstone earrings make them a unique choice for a gift for a loved one or as a special treat to buy for yourself! The 1CT tanzanite stones feature a silver claw setting which complements the sparkling blue of the stones perfectly. They are accessible enough for every day way or if you consider yourself or loved one a lover of simple things… then these would make the perfect, showstopping accessory for an evening outfit.

Christmas gifts £100 – £250



This bracelet is just WOW in every sense. The 0.25 cts of stunning sparkling diamonds are set into heart shaped silver links. It’s beautifully delicate, perfect for a lady with classic style. The piece can even been worn with a number of other bracelets for an on trend, stacking bracelet look. I’d personally team this with a crisp white shirt for work and then apply a bright statement lip for an evening re-vamp.

Christmas Gifts £250 -£500



Diamonds are a girls best friend so this single diamond, solitaire necklace is a win, win option! Described by customers as being excellent value for money, this wonderful Chloe white pendant features a single 0.25CT Premium Quality Diamond held in an 18K white gold setting. The 4mm round cut diamond pendant will add a touch of glamour to any look from casual day time to full evening glamour. A diamond like this never dates so will be cherished for years to come.

Christmas Gifts £500 – £750



These have been on my wish list for a while! They have such a regal feel and are very Kate Mid-eque. The elegant pair Sapphire Earrings are set in a claw setting made of 9K White Gold. Featuring two brilliant Sapphires encased in  0.51CT of Premium Quality Diamonds, you can’t go wrong! These earrings are definitely showstoppers and should only be teamed with a pair of fabulous heels… darling!

Christmas Gifts £750 – £1000



Razzle-dazzle your loved one with these simply stunning ruby and diamond earrings. The glamorous look of these show-stopping earrings is down to the central deep red rubies which are edged on every side with a total of 0.34CT of H/SI Quality Diamonds and finished in sleek 18K white gold. Rubies are a must have for any lady but if your loved one would prefer something a little more understated, these gorgeous Ella earrings also come completely in Diamonds. 

Christmas Gifts over £1000

diamond bracelet


Tennis bracelets exemplify elegance and this beautiful Chloe bracelet is no exception as the luxurious design includes 2.00CT of Premium Quality Diamonds which adorn the wrist beautifully. The 18K white gold included in the bracelet adds to the radiance of this breathtaking piece of jewellery. Any lucky lady would be thrilled to open this on Christmas morning!

Have you found your perfect Christmas present yet? Have you even spotted something you would like yourself? Let us know by tweeting us @DiamondStoreUK!