Happy Birthday Sharon!

We would like to wish Sharon Osbourne a very Happy Birthday, who turns 61 tomorrow…. however she does not look a day over 30 ;-)!

Without doubt, Shazza is our favourite judge on TV, fleeting between The X Factor and America’s Got Talent. Each week she had The Diamond Store team swooning over which pair of drop-down earrings she would be modelling next.

We therefore decided to go back in time and pull out some of her best earring-moments, and pair them with our very own jewels! Continue reading

Going Ga Ga for Gold

Word is on the street that Lady Gaga married her boyfriend this weekend, however when looking for her bridal dress, all we could find is Lady Gaga and her love for gold ensembles! We therefore filtered through gazillions of pictures online to pick our favourite LG fashionista moments.

The first outfit which we have picked is the outfit she wore to the 2011 Bambi Media Awards. Is she looking freakishly cool, or a freak of nature?

Lady Gaga in Gold Alexander McQueen at Bambi Media Awards in Wiesbaden, Germany

Next we have picked this garish dress (if we can call it that) which Lady Gaga wore to the Chicago Gala. Lady_Gaga_Gold

This outfit is our favourite! We think she looks simply stunning (and normal) in this golden gown which she wore to the Golden Globes 2014 after party.


The next outfit is an outfit which the singer wore to dinner in Japan whilst she was on holiday. Did she pull this off as a Kimono, as it has that style… if you squint your eyes and tilt your head.

lady gaga gold

The final golden outfit which we have chosen is this golden leotard, which cheeky Lady Gaga wore during her concert in Vancouver.

lady gaga 2


We could go on for days drooling over her gold attire, however we took a moment to browse through our  jewellery collection to handpick our favourite gold pieces we think the Princess of Pop needs to know about. Wouldn’t you agree?

What’s your favorite golden Gaga outfit, and do you think her style if to die for, or to burn? Tweet us @diamondstoreuk

Happy birthday Gwyneth Paltrow… our SAPPHIRE SWEETHEART

We would like to wish Gwyneth Paltrow a very happy birthday who turns 42 on Saturday!

For those of you who live in a cave, Gwyneth is an American actress, singer, and food writer, most famous for her role in The Talented Mr Ripley.

Since her birthstone is Sapphire, we have picked three of Gwyneth’s best blue outfits and added a piece of Diamond Store jewellery.

We have added a simple sapphire necklace to match this stunning silk gown.


It looks like GP likes silk, and to match this baby blue dress we have chosen our classic blue topaz earrings.

gwyneth_paltrow_baby_blue_silk (1)

Lastly we have matched this beautiful midnight blue dress with a white diamond and sapphire ring.



Do you know some sapphire beauties? Take a look at our full range online http://www.thediamondstore.co.uk and Tweet us what you would like @diamondstoreuk

Get the Olivia Palermo Look!

With Fashion Week well underway, we thought we would change the tone (for now, until the shows are over) and swoon over Olivia Palermo instead.

For those of you who aren’t very familiar with Olivia Palermo, she is an American socialite and a model who keeps hitting the headlines. Olivia became more known in 2009 after being cast in the reality television series The City, which is a spin-off the popular series, The Hills.

Olivia is quite frankly seen as a total fashionista and so we have put together a little guide on how you can get the Olivia Palermo look before Winter kicks in! We have taken one of Olivia’s outfits perfect for the daytime and given you a break down on where you can get her look from, and of course we have added a piece of The Diamond Store jewellery to finish the OP ensemble.

olivia palermo 2

Olivia is wearing a white Elizabeth and James Chambers dress which is £200 (at the time this article was written) and can be found on the Elizabeth and James’ website.

olivia dress

Here Miss Palermo is sporting a white Bulgari cross-body bag with black detail and an embellished buckle. We have picked the same bag but in coral. Why not add a little bit of colour to the outfit? The bag is £1246.91 and can be found on farfetch.com.

olivia bag

Olivia accessorised with a Catarzi ASOS Borcellino straw hat with a leather trim hat. The hat is £30 (at the time this article was written) and can be found on ASOS.com

olivia hat

She wore her outfit with some metallic pink Habbot oxfords. Seeing we have gone for a coral bag, we decided to go for baby pink lace-up brogues. They are £294.88 also from farfetch.com.

olivia shoes

Finally to complete the look, we have a added a gold Pink Sapphire and diamond ring available from http://www.thediamondstore.co.uk


To turn this outfit into an evening one, why not add some heels and a blazer and take the hat off?

We hope to see Miss OP clones strutting around with thanks to our style guide! Which look of hers is your favourite? Tweet us @diamondstoreuk



Happy Birthday Beyonce!

We would like to wish Beyonce a very happy birthday. This singing sensation requires no description. In order to maker her birthday memorable we have decided to take a trip down fashion lane and look at some of Beyonce’s best outfits. We have matched each of her outfits with a top pick from The Diamond Store. After all there’s no better way to celebrate her birthday than to dress like the Diva herself!

2003: Beyonce was seen in this lilac gown at the Fighting Temptations premier. We are Crazy in Love with this dress and think that this Diamond cluster ring will be a perfect match.


2006: Beyonce was spotted in this Champagne coloured dress at the 2006 Grammy Awards. We think she’s Irreplaceable! We have matched this gown with a gold diamond and ruby necklace.



2008: This is year where Beyonce Knowles become Mrs Carter. She married rapper Jay-Z. In this same year Mrs Carter was spotted at the Kennedy Center Honours in this black dress. If I Were a Boy, I’d definitely be crazy for Beyonce if she looks like this! We have matched this outfit with a black diamond necklace.

31st Annual Kennedy Center Honors


2011: This was a special year for Beyonce. In 2011 she was expecting her daughter Blue Ivy. Whilst pregnant with her, Beyonce was spotted at the VMA’s in this one shouldered bright orange dress. She most definitely put her Love on Top. With this Coral necklace to match, you can surely Run the World.



2014: Queen B was seen with her beau Jay-Z at the MET Gala this year, in a sparkly black net dress. Beyonce went Back to Black this year but we are still Drunk in Love with her! We matched her dress with a white gold diamond bangle.



Beyonce truly is the Queen B  and we wish her all the best in the future!




Simply Sapphire – Sapphire Jewellery & Who Looks Great

Its already September! Which means its Sapphire’s turn to be the gemstone of the month! We have chosen five celebs which wore the Sapphire the best and have rated them out of 10 on our fire chart of smoking hot celebs.

1) First we have Jennifer Hudson, who wore this blue Sapphire gown at the Oscars. We have given Jennifer a 6 on our fire chart!


2) Our second celebrity is Jessica Lowndes, who wore this low-cut Sapphire gown to the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards. We have rated Jessica a 7 on our hot fire chart.



3) Our third celebrity or should we say royal, is the Duchess- Kate Middleton. Kate wore a knee length Sapphire dress to match her gorgeous Sapphire engagement ring. We have rated her an 8 on our fire chart of hot celebs.


4) Our penultimate celebrity is Jessica Stam. She wore this blue Sapphire sheer gown which was teamed with a floral lace underneath to the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards. We have given Jessica a firey 9!

jessica stan

5) Our final Celebrity is Blake Lively. She wore this stunning gown to the MET Gala in 2009. She definitely deserves a 10 from us! Way to go Blake!


 We have also chosen our top ‘phiring’ hot blue Sapphire’s from The Diamond Store.


 price of the necklace is at the time this article was written.


What would you rate each celebrity according to our fire chart of smoking hot celebs? Tweet us @diamondstoreuk

And the award goes to…

With the Video Music Awards 2014 just having taken place this week, we decided that we would give our own awards to the celebrities who we think deserve an award for their outfit. As an award we have decided to use a piece of The Diamond Store jewellery which matches their outfit.

And the award for ‘the sparkling beauty’ goes to Jennifer Lopez! No matter what she wears, J-Lo always shines; and so we would like to present her with this diamond and silver bracelet.

JLo vma



And the award for ‘ladies in black’ goes to the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie and Kim Kardashian. Whilst the Jenner sisters went for all black, Kim went for a printed black, white and red dress. We would like to present them with this gold black diamond and diamond ring.

kardashians vma


And the award for the most ‘stand-out outfit’ goes to Taylor Swift. Her sky blue printed play-suit, gets her the award of these gold and blue topaz earrings.

taylor swift vma


And the award for ‘pretty in pink’ goes to Gwen Stefani. Rocking this pink and black outfit, we’d like to present Gwen with this pink Sapphire and diamond necklace.

gwen stefani vma


Who would you give the best dressed award to? Tweet us @diamondstoreuk