‘Especially for you’ we take a trip back to 80’s Jewellery

We’ve ‘turned back time’ to the 1980’s to handpick our favourite wedding dresses. After all, the trend this season has been Vintage.

1) According to Elton John, ‘there is something about the way you look tonight’ in this plush silk wedding gown and net sleeves. All that is missing is a classic diamond necklace.

wedding dress


2) Next in line we have ‘the power of love’ complemented with this outstanding figure hugging lace gown, with the most beautiful neckline. Our white gold collarette matches perfectly, highlighting the collarbones.

wedding dress 3


3) ‘I just called, to say I love you’, with this embellished silk dress with puffy sleeves. The detail is spectacular, and we have paired it with our classic drop down topaz earrings to add some colour.

wedding dress 2


4) The bride surely will ‘stand and deliver’ in this classic 80’s dress. The lace corset with beautiful lace trimmings takes The Diamond Store team on a trip down memory line. What better to pair the dress with a blue sapphire necklace.

wedding dress 4


5) Forget ‘woman in love’ for we are quite simply in love with this barbie doll ensemble. The mesh skirt with a collar-cut corset makes for the ultimate late 80’s bride. What better than to pair it with our stunning amethyst and diamond necklace.

wedding dress 5


Would you wear a dress from the 80’s, or are more of a the modern-day-bride? Send us in your dresses for a chance to feature on one of our blog posts! @diamondstoreuk

Bridesmaids: The Ultimate Jewellery Collection

It’s that time of year again – wedding season!


With the wedding dress being top priority, it is a rather tricky to find bridesmaid dresses which look great and fit the shapes and sizes of each bride, and of course, we would hate to upstage the bride. Therefore the hunt can be tedious. Fear not, we have compiled a list of our top ten, and the perfect diamond accessories to go with them. Whether you want to buy high street or high end, we’ve covered it all!


1. Karen Millen

Karen Millen £275


This Karen Millen number(£275) is the perfect bridesmaids dress for a spring wedding. The pastel colour is neutral and will compliment the cream brides! And we’ve got just the necklace to go with it.

Our intricate diamond necklace adds a little something special to any plain high necked dress.

2. Whistles

2. whistles £175


We love this lacy Whistles ensemble(£175)! It screams roaring twenties, so if you’re having a themed wedding this would be perfect for you.

This tanzenite bracelet adds a little colour to the outfit without being too obvious. It would go well with a matching pair of tanzanite studs for a simple yet elegant look!

3. Asos

3. asos £38

If you want something more on a budget for the bridesmaids, this Asos dress (£38) is definitely the way to go. Who would know it costs under £50!

And with the money you save on the dress, you can get these incredible teardrop diamond earrings! They would stand out out perfectly with a swept back updo.

4. Monsoon

4. monsoon £109

A lilac dress like this one from Monsoon (£109) is ideal for a summery wedding. The top layer also makes the dress flattering, perfect for if your bridesmaids all have very different shapes.

Not to mention how we have found the perfect tanzantite and pearl earrings to match!

5. John Lewis

5. john lewis £180

If the bride is wearing white, having the bridesmaids wear cream dresses can make the brides dress stand out. This dress from John Lewis (£180) is exactly the kind of thing we’re talking about.

These diamond cluster earrings are simple but classic, and would actually look great with any dress, especially if it comes below the knee!

6. Phase Eight

6. phase eight £150

This dress from Phase Eight (£150) is an amazing pastelclolour, and the cut is classic and classy. Wear with a bun or a ponytail for the best results.

Not to mention our sapphire ring which brings out the colour in the dress.

7. BHS

7. BHS £180


A pale blue dress makes a nice change for a bridesmaids dress. It isn’t overly girly while still being feminine with the strapless cut.

A diamond pendant is the ideal necklace to wear with a strapless dress, and looks delicate and dainty.

8. Coast

8. coast £350jpg


A long strapless dress such as this one from Coast (£350) would be ideal for bottom heavy bridesmaids.

This white gold bangle is the perfect accessory for any bridesmaid, and can be worn for years to come. Ask the bride to treat you perhaps?

9. Hobbs

9. hobbs £169


This pink Hobbs dress (£169) is beautiful for an evening ceremony, it goes well with dusky tones and adds some colour to the party.

Our pink sappire bracelet is the obvious choice to go with any pink bridesmaid dress (or regular dress)!

10. Ted Baker

10. ted baker £999


The final dress of our top ten is this STUNNING dress from Ted Baker (£999).

Our diamond cluster earrings are the perfect addition, and will emphasise the beauty of this dress without overpowering it.


If you’re looking for more wedding inspiration, there’s an exhibition on at the V & A museum of a history of wedding dresses 1775-2014! For more information look here: http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/wedding-dress-1775-2014/


Going separate ways… who should keep the ring?

Going separate ways… Who should keep the ring?


When we discussed the ring in the event of a called off engagement, we didn’t realise how much debate there was around the topic. This even included legal cases where two sides battled over who would keep it.

With our very own office  and Facebook page in much disagreement, we have done our best to outline what needs to be considered before you decide who keeps the ring!

I bought it!

The most common argument is, whoever bought the ring should keep it. Which seems pretty straightforward until you read the next point.

When is a Gift a Gift?

Courts generally treat the engagement ring as a gift, from whoever proposed. To be considered a legal gift, three things must be present: the proposers’ intent to give the ring as a gift, the proposer’s delivery of the gift and the  acceptance of the item. If the person to whom the ring was given can show all three elements, a court will consider the ring to be a gift.

Conditional Gifts

However, the majority of courts also consider such a gift to be a conditional one. That means that, until some future event occurs (e.g. the marriage)  the gift isn’t final; if that event does not occur, then the proposer has the right to get the gift back. Women who want to keep their engagement rings often argue that the condition needed to make the engagement ring a final gift is simply the acceptance of the proposal of marriage, not the completion of the marriage ceremony. That way, if the engagement is broken, the ring remains her property.

However, most courts find that the gift of an engagement ring contains an implied condition of marriage; acceptance of the proposal is not the underlying “deal.”

It was your fault, not mine!

Another reason that can be considered is who was to blame for the break up. This isn’t always the easiest thing to uncover even in the simplest of relationships.

It isn’t fair that the proposer should always get the ring back, especially if the one who was proposed to, stood ready to go ahead with the marriage and the proposer broke it off. Equally, it would be unfair for the proposer to keep the ring if the engagement was broken because of the others unfaithfulness or other wrongdoing.

Here is what happened when we asked our Facebook fans:


  • My daughter and I went out for a drink and shopping with the money we got from the ring.
  • It is a contract. Break the contract and it should be given back. If you go ahead and get married then the contract is fulfilled in which case the girl can keep it.
  • definitely the girl, it’s not the guy could give it to the next girl he proposes to …. Could he?
  •  the question is would u really want it back in the first place
  • Depends. Girl should keep it if she is being forced out of her share of fortune, she may be able to use it for bad days – provided it is worth it. Boy should keep it if he has spent a fortune for it and the girl doesn’t deserve it or the girl is too emotional to keep it.

Where do you stand on this topic? Who do you think should keep the ring?

To read about real life legal battles on who keeps the ring, follow this link: http://money.cnn.com/2013/03/22/news/engagement-ring/index.html

To see what other divorcees did with their ring, read this interesting article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18801221

The Engagement Story: Claire and Daniel Boyle

The Engagement Story: Claire and Daniel Boyle

How and where did you meet?

Dan and I first met when I was 17 which, come to think of it…is 13 years ago! We are both from Norwich and we were best friends for years. I then went travelling for 2 years when I was 21 and we keep in contact the whole time. It was only when I came back that we started dating and realised how we felt about each other. We then moved in together and have no been together for nearly 8 years. He truly is my soul mate !

Claire and Daniel

How and where did Daniel propose?

We went on holiday to Costa Rica in June 2012. We love going to the rain forest and trekking so this was our dream holiday! We were staying in little huts surrounded by primary rain forest which then led down to a wild volcanic secluded beach. We had been trekking all day and when we got back we went down to the beach to watch the sun set. There was no one else around for miles! He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was the best moment ever, so perfect and magical. We then went back to the main hut and Dan had got two bottles of my favourite champagne shipped to the rain-forest. Amazing!

Claire and Daniel 2

Can you share anything about the wedding?

We got married in a chateau in France on the 27th July. Dan’s parent live in France, the weather is usually better and the food and wine is divine so we thought it was the perfect place! The day was incredibly special and it was my guests that really made the day.

Wedding Jewellery and Accessories Highlight

Wedding Jewellery and Accessories Highlight

Although it seems like engagement rings and weddings bands steal the shine off of the wedding day jewellery, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important. I mean… what is an outfit without the accessories? The exact same goes for your wedding day.

Choosing your wedding jewellery is the fun part but there are a few rules to stand by to make your ensemble perfect:

  • Will you wear the jewellery after the wedding? If so, opt for something neutral and possibly something that can be matched with special outfits, evening gowns or even office clothes.
  • If you instead want something especially for the big day and are happy to pay for that, go wild and choose stunning pieces you probably wouldn’t wear to any other function.
  • Don’t go overboard and match a sparkly and detailed dress to statement jewellery. Either the jewellery or the dress should make the statement, not both!
  • If your dress is plain and simple, let your jewellery do the talking by adding a statement necklace or drop earrings
  • DO NOT pair huge jewelled earrings with a huge jewelled necklace. This is a HUGE fashion mistake.
  • Team diamond stud earrings to a collarette necklace for a show stopping combination.
  • Most of the time, less is always more. It isn’t always about having the biggest and heaviest pieces!
  • Take your hairstyle into consideration. For example, if you are going for a down hair style, it would be best to wear stud earrings. Not only will drop earrings get lost amongst your ‘do but this may also result in a tangled hair disaster! Top Tip: Take your jewellery with you to a hair trial

Have a look through our celebrity gallery for some wedding dress and accessory inspiration!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Want to know our wedding jewellery top picks? See ours below and co-ordinate with your wedding dress! Click on a piece to take you to the site. 

diamond wedding necklace

diamond wedding bracelet diamond stud earrings diamond wedding earringss diamond wedding bracelet diamond wedding bracelet diamond wedding earrings

How to choose the perfect wedding band

For thousands of years, many cultures have associated the wedding band as an emblem of eternity.  Rings have no beginning and no end, symbolising the never ending love and devotion associated with marriage. Legend has it that the vein in the “wedding ring finger” led directly to the heart. For the majority,  the engagement ring is the most exciting topic and although it does provide a great token of your loves affection, the wedding band is the epitome of the wedding. It is the symbol of the big day and your never ending love and will be part of your essential, every day wardrobe.

Choosing a wedding band can be pretty difficult with the endless variations available so it’s important to remember a few key things to help you on your way:

  • The right ring is the one that strongly reflects your personality and values — it’s not only a matter of carats and showing off. Choose a design which has symbolic meaning for you and even your partner.
  • Everyone knows that planning a wedding is a massive task in itself. It’s easy to put choosing the ring on the back burner so pick it pretty early.
  • Don’t stress about looking for a ring, make sure you enjoy the search as much as you enjoy the ring itself.
  • Single out the three most important elements for you. This can include what type of metal you want, if you want diamonds, if you wish to match your ring to your parters etc.

Check out some of our favourite celebrity wedding band/engagement ring combinations:

Our inhouse stylist has picked out her top wedding band picks:

Diamond wedding band

Chloe Ring £1299

The Chloe wedding ring is delicate and beautiful ring which I love just for the simplicity. 1.00CT of H/SI Quality Diamonds are set in an 18K Yellow Gold band and is a dead ringer for Gwyneth Paltrow’s ultra thin engagement ring and wedding band combination.

Platinum and diamond wedding band

Grace Ring £3129

Go for full on bling like Kim Kardashian with this Grace ring. The ring features 2.00CT of H/SI Quality Diamonds which radiate against the platinum band for a stunning effect. The baguette cut stones create the illusion of a solid sheet of diamond which reflects the light with a spectrum of colour.

diamond wedding band

Jasmine Ring £1435

This classic design and the beauty of diamonds combine perfectly in this Jasmine eternity ring to create a stunning piece of jewellery that will look incredible next to any white gold engagement ring. The ring features two rows of H/SI Quality Diamonds weighing 1.00CT which are highlighted by a pave setting and an 18K white gold band which contrasts with the sheer sparkle of the diamonds. The setting gives the illusion of diamonds freely sitting on the finger.

diamond wedding band

Sophie Ring £1925

If she loves big, bold jewellery then this is the eternity ring for her. The attention grabbing Sophie eternity ring features 1.50CT of H/SI Quality Diamonds in a mixed baguette and round design to create a stunning look. The ring is finished with 18K of white gold which further enhances the sparkle of the diamonds. This is the ideal ring for someone with a simple engagement ring or for someone planning to wear the wedding band alone. I especially love the 1920s feel this ring has!

diamond wedding band

Amy Ring £1179

This wedding band is the ideal selection for a lady who likes to mix and match her jewellery. Can’t choose between gold and white gold? Have them both! This can be combined with either a white gold or yellow gold engagement ring or even worn alone. Set in 18K Yellow Gold is 0.37CT of G/VS quality Diamonds.

What is your favourite wedding band from our top picks?