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Did someone say tennis? Why not. Our top tennis bracelet picks

Its that time of year again.. Wimbledon is here and for once we have had the perfect weather to start it all off! However, this year Wimbledon has competition from the football World Cup. For this reason you ladies may find yourself fighting with your other half for the remote. But don’t you worry, we have come up with the perfect solution so all you ladies can get your way! We’ve hand picked our 8 favourite tennis bracelets ranging from £350 to over £10,000! We have ordered them according to price making it easier for you to pick the one to suit your budget. After all, a little bribery for the remote never killed anyone.. 1. This simple diamond bracelet is sure to go with anything you are wearing, whether its during the day or in the evening! It’s elegant enough to be worn with a floral summers dress, or an evening maxi dress! The beauty of this bracelet is that you don’t need to wear it when you’re out and about, you can wear …

A Diamond Cuff Bracelet To Die For!

Michelle locked herself in the safe last week and tried on all the bracelets…. She tried on this bracelet and her comments were “this is absoloutly stunning, amazing….elegent, classy and antiquey…” not sure if that is a word! In fact we literally had to prise it of her wrist!!! We know it is on the high end of the price bands but she was so enthused by the bracelet we felt we must write more about it….she has already started saving so if you want the one we have in stock buy it soon! You can read more about the bracelet here…..

Diamond Bracelets Selling Well In July & August

Diamond bracelets, along with diamond necklaces, are perhaps viewed as the most luxurious of  all jewellery purchases. They sell in large numbers twice in  a year…..the July / August summer period and of course Christmas. This year has been no different and I am please to report that we have seen a significant increase in the sale of diamond bracelets this summer. Why…you may ask…. Simple really, with summer weddings being so popular in the UK (and most of Northern Europe) diamond bracelets have two roles to play….. First, they could be a surprise gift from the groom to his bride on the morning of their wedding…(diamond earrings and diamond pendants are also popular wedding morning gifts). However, if the groom fails to take the hint, then further down the road of married life, normally a 5th or 10th anniversary, the thought that something special needs to be done normally prompts a visit to our bracelet section. This year we have sold a real mixture of bracelets but the most popular are the classic diamond …

Diamonds for Christmas

I can’t think of anything better than finding a piece of diamond jewellery in my stocking this year.  Or better still, find a diamond ring and diamond bracelet in a little box which is sitting under the Christmas tree. They certainly rank above your average stocking-filler! Remember that a Christmas proposal with a diamond engagement ring will certainly be one to remember. There is something about the winter months –maybe the warmth and comfort – that adds magic to the whole play of proposing. And a diamond engagement ring can only add to the love and affection of the festive season. If you want to show someone how special they are to you, then a diamond eternity ring is a strong sign of your affection at a warm and tender time of the year. Diamond earrings look stunning on women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Because there are so many designs to choose from ranging from diamond stud earrings to the larger diamond chandelier earrings, you can find something to suit everyone. A diamond …

Diamond Jewellery Online

If you want to buy someone a piece of diamond jewellery, but are not sure what you are looking for and really do not want to go traipsing down the high street looking in the window of jewellery shops, then the idea of purchasing diamond jewellery online is the perfect solution for you. You can search for the present in so many ways.  Once you have looked at the various categories and decided on whether you want to buy a pair of diamond earrings, eternity ring, pendant, necklace or bracelet, then you can narrow down your search by entering more criteria including price band and style (drop earrings, stud earrings, tennis bracelets, solitaire ring, trilogy ring, etc) – the options are endless. All are designed to make the experience of shopping for diamond jewellery online as painless and easy as possible.