Evening Bracelets

Evening bracelets are beautiful, stunning bracelets that most women have whether they are real diamonds or not, that only come out at night.    Just look at this bracelet below, its exquisite.    This particular bracelet below is a 9K White Gold Bracelet with 8.00ct of diamonds in a pave setting with a pretty heavy price tag of over £6,000 although that seems really cheap compared to the recommended retail price of over £12,000!  I love this bracelet and its definately going on my wish list, where Im sure it will stay.



If you are looking for something pretty blingy but with not such a big price tag, you could consider a silver bracelet like these ones.  Silver is much cheaper than White or Yellow Gold or Platinum, so it may be a good option if you don’t want to spend too much.  These Silver & Diamond Bracelets are beautiful in the flesh.



Another beautiful Evening Bracelet is the Tennis Bracelet.  Both these Diamond Tennis Bracelets are 1ct diamond bracelets but there is a huge difference in price.  One is nearly £900 pounds and the other is  £359 (at time of writing this post).  Can you see any difference?  Well the difference is that one is a Silver Bracelet and the other is 9k white gold.  Take a guess which one is which.


The Diamond Store have a beautiful selection of  Diamond Bracelets in White Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver or Plantinum.  All bracelets come with a 5 year guarantee and delivered free of charge in a beautiful gift box.



Cheap Tennis Bracelets

Looking for a cheap tennis bracelet?  You are not alone!  Tennis Bracelets are a  beautiful piece of jewellery to own.  It´s so simple yet so elegant and with the right outfit, just looks stunning.


The Diamond Store have a huge range of tennis bracelets ranging from just £299 up to £11,239.  It all really depends on your budget.  You could also have a look through The Diamond Store Sample Sale where you may find yourself a bargain Tennis Bracelet


Here are some of my favourite Tennis Bracelets.




This Diamond Tennis Bracelet at the time of writing this post is just £359.  This is 1 ct of premium diamonds in a claw setting.    Read more information on this Cheap Tennis Bracelet here.







This Diamond Tennis Bracelet is a Chloe white gold bracelet with 2 cts premium quality diamonds also in claw setting.  Its absolutely stunning.  Read more information on this 2ct tennis bracelet.





If you are unsure of the type of Tennis Bracelet you should buy, quality and diamond carats, you can always call the customer service department at The Diamond Store UK for their expert advice.




A Diamond Cuff Bracelet To Die For!

Michelle locked herself in the safe last week and tried on all the bracelets….

She tried on this bracelet and her comments were “this is absoloutly stunning, amazing….elegent, classy and antiquey…” not sure if that is a word! In fact we literally had to prise it of her wrist!!!

We know it is on the high end of the price bands but she was so enthused by the bracelet we felt we must write more about it….she has already started saving so if you want the one we have in stock buy it soon!

You can read more about the bracelet here…..

Diamond Bracelets Selling Well In July & August

Diamond bracelets, along with diamond necklaces, are perhaps viewed as the most luxurious of  all jewellery purchases.

They sell in large numbers twice in  a year…..the July / August summer period and of course Christmas.

This year has been no different and I am please to report that we have seen a significant increase in the sale of diamond bracelets this summer.

Why…you may ask….

Simple really, with summer weddings being so popular in the UK (and most of Northern Europe) diamond bracelets have two roles to play…..

First, they could be a surprise gift from the groom to his bride on the morning of their wedding…(diamond earrings and diamond pendants are also popular wedding morning gifts).

However, if the groom fails to take the hint, then further down the road of married life, normally a 5th or 10th anniversary, the thought that something special needs to be done normally prompts a visit to our bracelet section.

This year we have sold a real mixture of bracelets but the most popular are the classic diamond tennis bracelets, generally in white gold although this year I would say we have sold more yellow gold bracelets than usual….could this be a trend starting?

So, if you have your wedding day looming or an anniversary perhaps a few subtle hints wouldn’t go amiss…..

Our best selling bracelet this year is this stunning, 2ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet in white gold as featured below.  On sale for £2125.00 . (you can find out more here)

Free Worldwide Delivery For June 2011

Great news! we are please to offer FREE worldwide delivery on all orders over £250.00.

This offer is valid for ANY order made during the month of June 2011.

You can find out more here….

Michelle Obama's diamond jewellery

As you have probably heard President Barack Obama and his first lady Michelle are currently on a State Visit to the UK.

Michelle Obama is known for her  impressive selection and love of diamonds, but she really dazzled everyone last night when she wore a fabulous diamond necklace and matching bracelet  as she co-hosted a black tie dinner in honour of the Queen.

They were perfectly shown off in a  stunning black off-the-shoulder dress by the American  designer Ralph Lauren.

Her spokesman claimed not to know where the jewellery  was her own or borrowed. Wherever it came from, they are two amazing pieces of diamond jewellery.

Jewellery For Mothers Day

Don’t forget it’s Mothers Day on Sunday 3rd April 2011.

I know that I am biased but jewellery makes the perfect Mother’s day gift, especially jewellery brought from us which comes with it’s own gift bag…simple, we do the job for you!

But what to buy?

Hmmm…tough one, mums can be picky but I am sure that any little black bag with The Diamond Store written on it will put a smile on even the toughest of mothers.

Over the years there is no question that classic gifts such as diamond heart pendants and diamond stud earrings have been the big sellers. This year we have added a lot of higher quality 18k gold pendants to our gemstone pendants and so far these are proving popular….I have listed the top sellers below…

Ruby Pendants, Emerald PendantsBlue Sapphire Pendants, Tanzanite Pendants, Pink Sapphire Pendants

Our advice is to steer clear of rings unless you know mum really well, earrings and pendants are the easiest and best choices.

When’s the order deadline?

This year Mothers Day is on a Monday which is a tricky day for us onlien retailers. We use the Royal Mail Special Delivery for our deliveries as this insures the jewellery until you sign for it but this means that we have to get it in the post to you by Friday 1st April as there are no deliveries or collections on Sunday 2nd April 2011.

If you live a long way from your Mother then we can of course send your gift staright to her….now there’s a problem solved!

Everyday Diamond Bracelets

If you are looking for a diamond bracelet which you can wear every day then think carefully before you make your choice as anything worn on your wrist is going to be knocked around a bit.  If you use a computer keyboard the bracelet will probably knock against your desk and if you have a manual job you are in danger of catching it on something.   So make sure that you choose something which is durable enough to stand up to your lifestyle.

If you do a lot of sport then make sure you wear a bracelet that has a good strong clasp.  The diamond tennis bracelet being a perfect example of this as it was created after a bracelet worn by tennis champion Chris Evert broke during an important  match which had to be  stopped to pick up the gemstones.

If you choose a bracelet with pave, rub over, bezel  or channel set diamonds they are more securely mounted and less likely to catch than claw set stones.   Also make sure the the bracelet fits comfortably around your wrist and is not too big and therefore more prone to dangling and getting knocked.

I think diamond everyday bracelets are fabulous pieces of jewellery to to own, but having learned by my own mistake of purchasing one with an nferior clasp which I lost on the second day of wearing, make sure that yours is secure and as protected from knocks as it can be.

Special Occasion Bracelets

If you want to own a piece of jewellery which will really draw attention to you and set off what you are wearing, then a special occasion diamond bracelet is perfect.

If you are going somewhere special for a drink, party or a meal then a bracelet sparkling on your wrist is the ideal accessory.

There are a number of different styles to choose from, ranging from a row of diamonds strung together in tennis bracelet style (pictured) , to a more solid setting of diamonds in a bangle.

Whatever style you choose, you can be sure that then the light hits the diamonds they will certainly sparkle.

If you are looking to wear your diamond bracelets most of the time, then it is important to take into account what type of work you do.  For example if you do keyboard work a solid bangle can be a bit cumbersome to wear and a tennis bracelet would be a better bet.  Also if you do manual work do not buy anything where the stones could catch and work loose.

Diamonds for Christmas

I can’t think of anything better than finding a piece of diamond jewellery in my stocking this year.  Or better still, find a diamond ring and diamond bracelet in a little box which is sitting under the Christmas tree. They certainly rank above your average stocking-filler!

Remember that a Christmas proposal with a diamond engagement ring will certainly be one to remember. There is something about the winter months –maybe the warmth and comfort – that adds magic to the whole play of proposing. And a diamond engagement ring can only add to the love and affection of the festive season.

If you want to show someone how special they are to you, then a diamond eternity ring is a strong sign of your affection at a warm and tender time of the year.

Diamond earrings look stunning on women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Because there are so many designs to choose from ranging from diamond stud earrings to the larger diamond chandelier earrings, you can find something to suit everyone.

A diamond pendant or necklace is a very wearable accessory and is always we very welcome gift at Christmas.
Diamond bracelets are suitable for every age, but because a larger number of diamonds are usually involved then tend to be more expensive items in the diamond jewellery range.