MORE SALES! Another 10 Luxury Jewellery Items – from £150 to £10,000

sales_2015_thediamondstore02More from our sales this week! Did you catch our previous sales blog post about our handpicked jewellery items from £67 to £292? This week we’ve chosen another ten spectacular pieces for you, raising the stakes from £150 to £10,000.

What do you think of the diamond and gold bracelet at the end? Breathtaking, isn’t it?

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SALES! 10 Stunning Handpicked Jewellery Pieces – from £67 to £292

shutterstock_127494971OH YES! It’s that fabulous time of year again. Our sales are on! This is a great chance to buy beautiful jewellery for your collection, at great value. We’ve handpicked ten very special items for you, from £67 to £292.

What do you think of our list of rings, bracelets and pendants below? Choose your favourite piece of jewellery today and don’t forget to order quickly to get delivery for New Year.

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Did someone say tennis? Why not. Our top tennis bracelet picks

Its that time of year again.. Wimbledon is here and for once we have had the perfect weather to start it all off! However, this year Wimbledon has competition from the football World Cup. For this reason you ladies may find yourself fighting with your other half for the remote. But don’t you worry, we have come up with the perfect solution so all you ladies can get your way!

We’ve hand picked our 8 favourite tennis bracelets ranging from £350 to over £10,000! We have ordered them according to price making it easier for you to pick the one to suit your budget. After all, a little bribery for the remote never killed anyone..

1. This simple diamond bracelet is sure to go with anything you are wearing, whether its during the day or in the evening! It’s elegant enough to be worn with a floral summers dress, or an evening maxi dress! The beauty of this bracelet is that you don’t need to wear it when you’re out and about, you can wear it within the comfort of your own house, be it lounging on your couch whilst watching Andy Murray serve some aces!


2. Ladies quick! Get this bracelet as fast as you can! It’s a bargain! (this is the price of the bracelet at the time this post was written). This dainty tennis bracelet is perfect to show off whether you’re watching the tennis from center court, or from the middle of your settee.


3. This ladies, is another bargain! It is rare to see yellow gold jewellery out there anymore, so you would definitely get noticed with this exquisite bracelet. It’s perfect with your yellows, blues, reds, oranges and blacks. If it is good enough for Maria Sharapova, it is good enough for us!

Maria Sharapova of RUS


4. Girls, we really think you’re in luck this Wimbledon season! This gorgeous white gold tennis bracelet is simply breath-taking! We just can’t keep our eyes off of it, and we don’t think your doubles-partner is going to be able to keep his eyes off you.


5. If your other half is being rude and hogging the telly, grab his credit card and go and treat yourself to this stunning bracelet. The 5.00CT diamond bracelet is set with over 30 stones is only £2,999. Surely that is priceless compared to having to watch sport all day?



6. We have no words for this tennis bracelet. It is just simply amazing! Not only is this tennis bracelet perfect for the afternoon garden party or a day at Wimbledon, but it’s perfect for a wedding reception or a night out with the girls! If he’s trying to be the boss, put him in his place and show him this beauty.


7. Chic, classy, elegant, sophisticated and beautiful! These are all adjectives to describe this tennis bracelet. Similar to our bracelet at number 4, this tennis bracelet has bigger diamonds! If its your big day this summer, you have all the more reason to sparkle with bigger diamonds!


8. Last but not least, this is our favourite! It is the most expensive one but it is also totally worth it If you’re a fan of the William sisters, then this is definitely something you should have, cause you’d be sure to find it in their collection!

serena williams


So, go on treat yourself this Wimbledon season to one of these exquisite tennis bracelets! Who knows which tennis star may catch your eye!

Evening Bracelets

Evening bracelets are beautiful, stunning bracelets that most women have whether they are real diamonds or not, that only come out at night.    Just look at this bracelet below, its exquisite.    This particular bracelet below is a 9K White Gold Bracelet with 8.00ct of diamonds in a pave setting with a pretty heavy price tag of over £6,000 although that seems really cheap compared to the recommended retail price of over £12,000!  I love this bracelet and its definately going on my wish list, where Im sure it will stay.



If you are looking for something pretty blingy but with not such a big price tag, you could consider a silver bracelet like these ones.  Silver is much cheaper than White or Yellow Gold or Platinum, so it may be a good option if you don’t want to spend too much.  These Silver & Diamond Bracelets are beautiful in the flesh.



Another beautiful Evening Bracelet is the Tennis Bracelet.  Both these Diamond Tennis Bracelets are 1ct diamond bracelets but there is a huge difference in price.  One is nearly £900 pounds and the other is  £359 (at time of writing this post).  Can you see any difference?  Well the difference is that one is a Silver Bracelet and the other is 9k white gold.  Take a guess which one is which.


The Diamond Store have a beautiful selection of  Diamond Bracelets in White Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver or Plantinum.  All bracelets come with a 5 year guarantee and delivered free of charge in a beautiful gift box.



Heart Bracelets – Diamond Heart Bracelets

Today I noticed someone wearing a beautiful diamond heart bracelet.  It was beautiful and looked so nice with what this lady was wearing.  Just a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up slightly and jeans, but you could really see this bracelet.


This bracelet is very similar to the one I saw.  This Silver bracelet is just 339.00 (at time of writing this post) with 1.00ct of premium quality diamonds in pave setting.  Isn´t it pretty?

Then there are these 2 stunning bracelets that are a little more expensive that the one above.  This is because these Diamond Heart Bracelets are in Yellow Gold and White Gold.

If you are looking for a Cheap Diamond Bracelet then look here through The Sample Sale at The Diamond Store.

Cheap Tennis Bracelets

Looking for a cheap tennis bracelet?  You are not alone!  Tennis Bracelets are a  beautiful piece of jewellery to own.  It´s so simple yet so elegant and with the right outfit, just looks stunning.


The Diamond Store have a huge range of tennis bracelets ranging from just £299 up to £11,239.  It all really depends on your budget.  You could also have a look through The Diamond Store Sample Sale where you may find yourself a bargain Tennis Bracelet


Here are some of my favourite Tennis Bracelets.




This Diamond Tennis Bracelet at the time of writing this post is just £359.  This is 1 ct of premium diamonds in a claw setting.    Read more information on this Cheap Tennis Bracelet here.







This Diamond Tennis Bracelet is a Chloe white gold bracelet with 2 cts premium quality diamonds also in claw setting.  Its absolutely stunning.  Read more information on this 2ct tennis bracelet.





If you are unsure of the type of Tennis Bracelet you should buy, quality and diamond carats, you can always call the customer service department at The Diamond Store UK for their expert advice.




A Diamond Cuff Bracelet To Die For!

Michelle locked herself in the safe last week and tried on all the bracelets….

She tried on this bracelet and her comments were “this is absoloutly stunning, amazing….elegent, classy and antiquey…” not sure if that is a word! In fact we literally had to prise it of her wrist!!!

We know it is on the high end of the price bands but she was so enthused by the bracelet we felt we must write more about it….she has already started saving so if you want the one we have in stock buy it soon!

You can read more about the bracelet here…..