Hot pink for October!

As we enter the month of October TOMORROW (yikes where has the year gone?!), we welcome the birth stone Tourmaline. In honour of this pink stone we have chosen the top 5 celebs who have been hot pink! Yes, that includes guys too!

1) Jennifer Lawrence


2) Paris Hilton


3) Who said men can’t wear pink? Bruno Mars and his crew definitely do pink justice!


4) Jennifer Lopez


5) Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Wear Pink Dress At 2011 VH1 Do Something Awards-04-560x840

It would also only be right that The Diamond Store put together their top Tourmaline pieces. Therefore we have picked an item for each price point, so there is something for everyone!

1) Under £300:

2) Under £400:

3) Under £500:

4) Over £500:


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Simply Sapphire – Sapphire Jewellery & Who Looks Great

Its already September! Which means its Sapphire’s turn to be the gemstone of the month! We have chosen five celebs which wore the Sapphire the best and have rated them out of 10 on our fire chart of smoking hot celebs.

1) First we have Jennifer Hudson, who wore this blue Sapphire gown at the Oscars. We have given Jennifer a 6 on our fire chart!


2) Our second celebrity is Jessica Lowndes, who wore this low-cut Sapphire gown to the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards. We have rated Jessica a 7 on our hot fire chart.



3) Our third celebrity or should we say royal, is the Duchess- Kate Middleton. Kate wore a knee length Sapphire dress to match her gorgeous Sapphire engagement ring. We have rated her an 8 on our fire chart of hot celebs.


4) Our penultimate celebrity is Jessica Stam. She wore this blue Sapphire sheer gown which was teamed with a floral lace underneath to the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards. We have given Jessica a firey 9!

jessica stan

5) Our final Celebrity is Blake Lively. She wore this stunning gown to the MET Gala in 2009. She definitely deserves a 10 from us! Way to go Blake!


 We have also chosen our top ‘phiring’ hot blue Sapphire’s from The Diamond Store.


 price of the necklace is at the time this article was written.


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Ruby – The Perfect Gift For Those Born In July

The glowing ruby shall adorn,

Those who in July are born;

Then they’ll be exempt and free

From love’s doubts and anxiety.



As we welcome the month of July, we have some very exciting diamonds in store for you! With July being the month of the birthstone Ruby, not only is the gemstone very popular, but so is the colour! With our rubi-o-meter, we have spotted many celebrities working all sorts of Ruby items this year, and we’ve have rated them on a scale of rubitastic to unrubified. Be prepared to be dazzled!


This year at the Oscars, we spotted Scarlett Johanssen wearing a stunning laced Ruby gown. We’d definitely say she’s rubitastic, especially since she rocked a nice Ruby ring to match her dress. However, we would say to Scarlett, that had she added a nice ruby bracelet to her complete her look, she would have definitely been the talk of the night! We have just the bracelet for her, perfect with her ring!


2. Next our rubiometer spotted Blake Lively wearing a diamond ring with the over 100ct ruby on her finger. The ring matches perfectly with her gorgeous red dress and she surely scores well on our rubiometer. Although, in order for her to have scored higher on our rubiometer, we think that she should’ve added a pair of ruby earrings to match her ring! 






3. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, we spotted Elizabeth Moss in a Red Michael Kors dress. We had to rate Elizabeth as unrubified as she could enhanced this simple elegant dress by adding a stunning ruby necklace to it.




4. We spotted Natalie Portman wearing gorgeous drop down ruby earrings to match her burberry colourd dress.



She definitely rates well on our rubiometer for her earrings but in order for her to come out at the top, we would have worn a simple ruby necklace and a sparkling ruby ring. These two sparkling jewels, would have surely made her shine!

5. Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted on our rubioscope in Moscow, at a fan event at the Manolo Blahnik boutique. She was wearing a tiered white strapless Chanel dress which had delicate ruby red floral appliqué detailing. She was wearing simple jewellery to match her outfit, which most surely did the job.


We took a little bit of inspiration from our fashionista, and put together a little summer outfit for all our fabulous readers out there. This white elegant beauty is perfect for that school prom or wedding reception.

V Neck Beaded Chiffon White 2014 Prom Dresses


To make sure you definitely get noticed we would suggest adding a few rubies to make your look complete. We would add some ruby earrings, a ruby bracelet and finally a ruby ring. I know that sounds like a lot of rubies, but trust us, it will be completely worth it!




So as we prepare for the month of rubies, get your rubies too! Who knows, you may get spotted on our rubiometer over the next month!


New Showcase Jewellery Video On Citrine Rings

We have been playing a new form of video..we call it showcase….it is to compliment our already hugely popular “product videos” which feature the items on live models.

The “showcase” videos allow greater close ups of the items and we hope, allow customers to appreciate the much finer details.

You can take a sneak peak here:

Gary Ingram – Google+


Citrine pendant

Stunning citrine pendant from The Diamond

The Pearl

“Who comes with summer to this earth
And owes to June her hour of birth
A pearl should wear against her skin
Who’s innocence many a heart shall win.”

For those of you lucky enough to be born in June, your birthstone represents loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. The pearl is the oldest gemstone, and for a long time it was considered the most valuable.

If you know someone born in June, why not get them a the gift of one of our pearl pieces? Here are our top 5 available at the moment:



This pearl necklace is a classic staple that every woman must have in her wardrobe. It goes with anything from a jumper and a pair of chinos to a ball gown. It’s one of the best investments you will ever make.


Add an extra something special to your pearl collection with this pearl and sapphire ring. Dress up your fingers this summer with this flowery ring!


With loud patterns rising with summer, don’t let your ears go bare. These flower earrings would compliment any floral print.


This beautiful pendant is perfect to wear with a long jumper or a long dress, and is super glamorous.


Last but not least, this incredible ring would make a lovely eternity ring for any partner, and looks elegant on the finger no matter what you’re wearing.

Celebrities Pearls

Above are a few of our favourite celebs rocking their pearls!

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Green with Envy

For those of you born in the month of May, you’re lucky enough to have the Emerald as your traditional birthstone. The emerald is associated with loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. The metaphysical properties for this stone are memory, clairvoyance and faith.

The strong, deep green colour of the emerald was hugely favoured as a popular stone in Victorian jewellery. Social, religious and biblical symbolism were all reflected in this colour.

As May is fast approaching, we have chosen a few of our favourite emerald pieces that make gorgeous gifts for May babies (and anyone else.)

We have also spotted some of our best dressed celebrities in green for you to take outfit inspiration from.

angelina emerald dress


If you are looking to pop the question this May, an emerald makes a perfect and gorgeous engagement ring that your lady will be sure to love! This ring would also complement a simple green gown like Angelina Jolie’s.

Emerald 7x7mm & Diamond 9K White Gold Earrings £289.00

Emerald 7x7mm & Diamond 9K White Gold Earrings £289.00

beyonce green


This striking pair of square emerald and diamond earrings work with any style, even a slightly dressed-down look like Beyonce’s. What a difference earrings make!

elle mac brace

How cool does Elle Macpherson look in these green leather pants?! A simple gold and emerald bracelet added to the outfit wouldn’t look too bad either…

selena gomez nek


A statement necklace is the best accessory for any evening gown or for an occasion. This chic diamond necklace is truly special and looks super glamorous.

To read more about birthstone’s, take a look at this website:

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February’s birthstone, Amethyst

February’s birthstone, Amethyst

Amethyst is a gorgeous gemstone in its appearance and people love to wear it as part of their jewellery whether it be necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings. However, it’s not just because amethyst looks pretty that people like to wear it. Amethyst has many meanings to it that are important to people when buying their own jewellery or buying gifts for others.

Of course amethyst is February’s birthstone so people born in February love to wear it, it’s always a good birthday gift! The core meanings of amethyst are stability, peace, balance, courage and inner strength. For these reasons amethyst is thought to have healing properties mainly for the symptoms of withdrawal for an addiction. So it is understandable that many people look to this gemstone for solace by having it as a piece of jewellery. So, here at The Diamond Store, we stock  a breathtaking array of amethyst jewellery for you to find the perfect piece for yourself or someone you love.

Our selection of amethyst engagement rings are absolutely stunning and so unique in their design. The properties amethyst is said to have is perfect  for an engagement ring particularly the qualities of stability and courage, both of which are extremely important within a marriage. Engagement rings with meaning always have that little something extra than a normal engagement ring.

We also have a flawless selection of amethyst necklaces including drop necklaces which have a very regal look about them in their colour and shape. These amethyst necklaces are fit for a Queen!

Like our other pieces we have a very wide range of amethyst earrings whether it be studs or drop earrings. These earrings would make you stand out on a glamorous evening and are perfect for a red carpet look!

Which amethyst piece would you like to own?