February’s birthstone, Amethyst

February’s birthstone, Amethyst

Amethyst is a gorgeous gemstone in its appearance and people love to wear it as part of their jewellery whether it be necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings. However, it’s not just because amethyst looks pretty that people like to wear it. Amethyst has many meanings to it that are important to people when buying their own jewellery or buying gifts for others.

Of course amethyst is February’s birthstone so people born in February love to wear it, it’s always a good birthday gift! The core meanings of amethyst are stability, peace, balance, courage and inner strength. For these reasons amethyst is thought to have healing properties mainly for the symptoms of withdrawal for an addiction. So it is understandable that many people look to this gemstone for solace by having it as a piece of jewellery. So, here at The Diamond Store, we stock  a breathtaking array of amethyst jewellery for you to find the perfect piece for yourself or someone you love.

Our selection of amethyst engagement rings are absolutely stunning and so unique in their design. The properties amethyst is said to have is perfect  for an engagement ring particularly the qualities of stability and courage, both of which are extremely important within a marriage. Engagement rings with meaning always have that little something extra than a normal engagement ring.

We also have a flawless selection of amethyst necklaces including drop necklaces which have a very regal look about them in their colour and shape. These amethyst necklaces are fit for a Queen!

Like our other pieces we have a very wide range of amethyst earrings whether it be studs or drop earrings. These earrings would make you stand out on a glamorous evening and are perfect for a red carpet look!

Which amethyst piece would you like to own?

Showcasing January’s birthstone: Garnet

Showcasing January’s birthstone: Garnet

“By her who is this month was born

No gem save garnets shall be worn

They will ensure her constancy

True friendship and fidelity.”

Garnet is the beautiful birthstone of January and the wedding anniversary gemstone for the second year of marriage. For these reasons it is understandable why so many people love to wear this gorgeous gemstone in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. So obviously here at the Diamond Store we stock a flawless range of absolutely stunning garnet jewellery.


The garnet gemstone represents commitment, friendship, truth and fidelity. So to receive a ring from the person you love, with a garnet gemstone, is a wonderful representation of the bond between you. At the Diamond Store we have an incredible selection of garnet rings whether the gemstone be set alone or with diamonds, in gold or white gold.

This superb garnet 9k yellow gold ring is absolutely flawless and would be the perfect gift to show someone you love them. As well as having great depth and meaning, garnet jewellery always looks amazing. Garnet rings look fabulous as they have a very classic and vintage look about them and will always be in style because everyone loves retro glamour!

Garnet ring


Garnet can also have a very regal look to it, a gemstone you could even see Kate Middleton wearing! When set in white gold, with diamonds, a garnet ring has a completely different look. It definitely shows the true value of the piece that you are wearing. For example, our dazzling garnet and diamond 9k white gold ring is an absolute show-stopper!

Garnet and diamond white gold ring


It’s not just in rings that garnet shines, they look amazing as earrings too. The perfect earrings can turn an outfit from everyday to glamorous, and wearing garnet earrings makes such a daring difference to the usual plain silver or gold. Our garnet and diamond white gold earrings ooze class and sophistication, particularly with the colour and shape of the garnet.

Garnet and diamond white gold earrings


There are many different gemstones to look at if you’re considering a ring with anything other than a diamond. Garnet itself is beautiful but as we’ve seen before, it looks amazing paired with the classic diamond. However, it also looks beautiful when paired with opal. The bold red hue of the garnet and the subtle colouring of the opal work beautifully together against the gold on this stunning ring.

Garnet and opal gold ring


Would you love to own a piece of beautiful garnet jewellery?

Showcasing the Opal Octobers birthstone

Opal Highlight

It’s October so this month we’re embracing the Opal, October’s birthstone. The word Opal is derived from the Latin word ‘Opalus’ which simply means ‘a stone’.  Opals are available in many colours however the traditional ‘milky’ opal embraces a whole spectrum of colours depending what light it is viewed in.

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Showcasing September’s birthstone: Sapphire

Jewellery Focus: Sapphire

One great thing about September is its birthstone, the beautifully regal Sapphire. The deep blue hues of the Sapphire were sprawled all over 2013’s Autumn/Winter catwalks and Kate Middleton has been rocking hers for a while now. We’re showcasing our top picks of  Sapphire jewellery as well as letting you know a little more about this fantastic stone.

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Spotted: MIC’s Rosie Fortescue wearing The Diamond Store!

Spotted: Rosie Fortescue wearing The Diamond Store

It’s always great when we see someone of a high fashion caliber wearing our pieces. This goes without saying for the stunning Rosie Fortescue who is rocking our garnet and yellow gold ring over on her blog.  Rosie first appeared on our screens in Channel 4’s Made in Chelsea. As if we weren’t already spying on her style from the show, she has her At Fashion Forte blog which allows us to steal her fabulous style with ease… ahhh.

We love Rosie’s elegant and fashion forward style. She combines great tailoring, statement necklaces, leather and mixes and matches unique fabrics to create her own street style. We’d love to raid her wardrobe!

What we really want to know is, who caught a glimpse of Made in Chelsea’s Rosie Fortescue rocking our beautiful garnet flower ring?

Rosie garnet ring

Our breath-taking garnet ring is perfect for any January baby like Rosie. The ring features a unique collection of round cut garnet gemstones which are claw set to create a flower design in a classic 9K yellow gold band.

Garnet and Yellow Gold Ring

Garnet and Yellow Gold Ring £189

Teaming a Twenty8Twelve, classic-cut dress with an asymmetrical neckline and straps with white point courts, a statement necklace and our garnet ring…the outfit was pretty spectacular! What would you team with our Garnet ring? What do you think of Rosie’s style?

Rosie Fortescue

Check out http://www.atfashionforte.com to keep up to date with Rosie’s style, tweet her @RosieFortescue!

Photograph by Charlotte Summers www.charlottesummers.co.uk

Celebrate August with the Peridot birthstone

Celebrate August with the Peridot birthstone

The most common question we hear is, what is peridot? Peridot is actually the birthstone for August but is so unusual and actually very rare. Any lady with a passion for bold and unique jewellery will love our dazzling peridot collection with many pieces incorporating diamonds to really make the citrus lime colour pop.

Peridot 8mm and Diamond Earrings £389

Peridot  and Diamond Earrings £389

Peridot 8mm and Diamond Necklace £239

Peridot and Diamond Necklace £239

Peridot 1.54ct ring £245

Peridot and Diamond Ring £245

Peridot Fact File

  • The word Peridot is derived from the Greek word “faridat ” which means “gem”. The peridot (pronounced pear-a-doe) is a pale green variety of chrysolite and used as a gemstone
  • Peridot is the birthstone for August
  • It signifies a 16th wedding anniversary
  • Dating back 4000 years, the tiny St. John’s Island (now known as the Egyptian island of Zabargard) is documented as the very first source of Peridot.
  • According to folklore, Peridot is thought to bring good luck and peace to the wearer.
  • Peridot is considered one of the more affordable green stones available however generally, darker versions of the stone are more expensive

Our in-house Stylist has selected the perfect outfit to team with Peridot accessories. She tells us:

The luminous green that is a Peridot stone, is completely on trend. Teaming Peridot accessories with a black, white or grey, monochrome outfit is a must for this season however, if you want something a little more subtle, team with denim or neautrals. I love this smart-casual blazer look.

Is your birthstone Peridot? How would you wear it and what is your favourite piece?

Tanzanite Jewellery Edit

Jewellery Highlight: Tanzanite

Tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone. It occurs in only one place worldwide. Making it incredibly special. Tanzanite’s colour is what is so unique, its mixture of sea and pastel blue is surrounded by a captivating purple aura.

Tanzanite and Diamond Necklace £159

Tanzanite and Diamond Necklace £159

Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings £279

Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings £279

Tanzanite and Diamond Ring £349

Tanzanite and Diamond Ring £349

Tanzanite Fact File:

  • Did you know that the gemmological correct name for Tanzanite is ‘blue zoisite’ but it was felt to be too close to the English word ‘suicide’.
  • The name ‘Tanzanite’ comes from the place where they were first found.
  • Tanzanite is the birthstone for December
  • Tanzanite is deemed a ‘modern’ gemstone
  • The stone is particularly highly prized because it is found in only one place in the whole world.
  • It was discovered  in 1967, and was celebrated by the specialists as the ‘gemstone of the 20th century’.

Our in-house stylist recommends some great outfit combinations for your Tanzanite jewellery.

Tanzanite is such a stunning colour with its mixture of both blue and purple. Let your jewellery do the talking by teaming it with neutral colours and a lot of white. You could also team the jewellery with varying shades of blue for a monochromatic look. Take this pale blue embellished cami which would look great with denim jeans. My favourite combination however is the orange, cut out dress. Perfect with tan wedges for a summer look!

Do you like Tanzanite stones? What would you wear it with?

21st Birthday Jewellery – Jewellery for 21st Birthday

Your son or daughter are turning 21 years old.  Where did those years go?  I bet you´re thinking it seems like only yesterday I gave birth!  I know, I say that every year.  The  years seem to go by quicker and quicker the older you get.


21, what a great age!  You really want to buy them something to remember.  Something that even in 10 years time they can remember it and say, “I received this for my 21st”.  So what do you buy?  There are the 21 “number” rings, bracelet charms, necklaces etc, or maybe you want to give them some jewellery handed down from previous family member?


Here I given you some ideas of some jewellery for a 21st birthday.  Firstly we have Initial Diamond Necklaces which have become more fashionable lately with more celebrities wearing them.      Then maybe a Diamond Religious Necklace.  For the male or female, the diamond stud earring.  I personally have diamond stud earrings and I absolutely love them.  Probably one of the best pieces of jewellery I have ever been bought.    Then there is one of my favorites, Gemstone Jewellery / Birthstone Jewellery.



Cross Pendant 0.25CT Diamond in 9K White Gold9K Gold Diamond Cross Pendant 0.27CTDiamond Star of David Necklace 0.14CT - 9K White Gold9K Gold Diamond Star of David Pendant



All jewellery is delivered in a beautiful gift box and delivery is free.  Also, if the recipient doesn’t like it, don’t worry.   You can change it or get a refund on most jewellery.



Opal Birthstone – A Perfect Gift For A Libra

Opal Stud Earrings £269.00

Those whose birthday falls between 23 September and 23 October have Opal as their birthstone.

Giving Opal Jewellery to Libras on their birthdays is a tradition that dates back for centuries. It is believed that wearing jewellery that contains ones birthstone will project the energy of the planet through the stone.

My favourite are these understated, gorgeous earrings for £269 that would make a birthday truly special.

However, you can view all our Opal Jewellery here.

Peridot Jewellery – Peridot The Birthstone For Leo

Those lucky enough to have their birthday between 23rd July and 23rd August (Leo) have Peridot as their birthstone.

No other peridots generate the same vibrant, incandescent greens as those found in India, which is why we only use the finest Indian peridots in our jewellery.

Harnessing the crisp, refreshing beauty of this unconventional gemstone The Diamond Store has created a collection of the most extraordinary peridot rings. Expertly handmade they sizzle with energy and vitality.

You can view our full collection of Peridot jewellery here…