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23 Stunning Wintery Wedding Ideas

We’ve gathered 23 stunning winter wedding ideas and tips to inspire you. Embrace the season’s plushest colours, glittery decor, roaring log fires and snow.

Meaning of Diamond Bangles

Meaning of Diamond Bangles

A diamond bangle is a rigid type of bracelet and an accessory that dates back 5,000 years. Discover its meaning, origin and the occasions it is suited to.

How to Put a Ring on Large Knuckles and Slim Fingers

How to Buy and Put a Ring on Large Knuckles and Slim Fingers

Step by step instructions on how to buy, and put a ring on when you have large knuckles and slim fingers. Solve this problem easily for a stress-free engagement or wedding.

5 Best DIY Jewellery Cleaning Tips

These 5 DIY jewellery cleaning tips are very easy to do at home and are very cheap. Our jeweller shows you how to use them safely.