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Meghan Markle 3 Diamond Engagement Ring – all the details

All detail on the Meghan Markle engagement ring: 3-stone ring, also known as a trilogy ring, approx. 4 carats. Plus where you can get a similar ring…

10 Best Unusual and Unique Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring should reflect who you are. If you’re looking one that stands out from the rest, here’s a list of 10 best unique engagement rings.

Garnet – The Fiery Red Gemstone of Passion

Garnet is a rare gem with a fiery red tone. The January birthstone is striking, full of passion, and complements winter wardrobes to perfection.

Diamond Buying Guide

Diamond Buying Guide: Looking Through the Jeweller’s Loupe

Buying a diamond for someone important? Find out exactly what to look for. We explain diamond buying, 4 Cs, certificates & conflict-free in easy terms.