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How to Put a Ring on Large Knuckles and Slim Fingers

How to Buy and Put a Ring on Large Knuckles and Slim Fingers

Step by step instructions on how to buy, and put a ring on when you have large knuckles and slim fingers. Solve this problem easily for a stress-free engagement or wedding.

Which of these 5 coloured diamonds matches your April birthstone personality?

Take this simple test… see which of these 5 diamond colours matches your April diamond birthstone personality.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Engagement Ring

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring – This Is What it Could Look Like…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement ring – this is what it could look like! Discover why emeralds, and see 5 possible rings Harry could propose with

What Is Heirloom Jewellery?

What Is Heirloom Jewellery?

What makes a jewellery item special enough to pass on through generations? We explain heirloom jewellery traditions, items, styles, value and creation.

Jewellery Guarantee Vs Insurance? What Is the Difference?

Jewellery Guarantee Vs Insurance? What Is the Difference?

Many wonder about the benefits of jewellery guarantee vs insurance. Discover the dramatic differences in the levels of coverage, so you can decide.

Discover the Best Engagement Ring Style for Your Hand

Discover the best engagement ring style for your hand. View 6 different hand types – and find a matching ring design that flatters your hand the most.

What Jewellery Suits My Dress? 4 Styles to Match Your LBD

What jewellery suits my dress? Learn to pick the right jewellery styles – earrings, necklaces, bracelets – that match your dress neckline and shape.

10 Best Diamond Cross Necklaces from £115

These are our most popular and best reviewed diamond cross necklaces. Perfect for meaningful occasions like important birthdays, communions and weddings.

History of Easter Egg Jewellery

The first thing that springs to most people’s minds when we think of eggs and jewellery together, are Fabergé Eggs. However, these imperial Russian jewels were created relatively recently during the 19th century. The concept of opulently decorated eggs has been around much longer. Why eggs? The egg motif has rich associations with pagan religions. A sacred symbol of springtime and life, it is present in art and sculpture throughout history. To fully understand the significance of eggs in jewellery, we first need to look at why we celebrate Easter. Early Easter traditions Originally, for early European civilizations, Easter was a festival of fertility and rebirth. It was held around the time of the vernal equinox, signalling the arrival of spring when nature awakens after the winter. The English word “Easter” comes from Oestre, the name of the ancient Saxon goddess of spring and womanhood. She in turn was based on the German deity of fertility and the dawn, Ostara. Goddess Ostara’s association with eggs Eggs were an invaluable and vital food resource to ancient cultures. Rich with life giving nutrients, their smooth, oval shape was considered one of nature’s miracles. The egg was therefore worshipped as Ostara’s symbol of abundance …

Diamond – April Birthstone Meaning

What is the meaning of the diamond as April’s birthstone? Why is diamond jewellery so legendary in history and culture? Discover the meaning of this gem in 10 incredible facts you didn’t know before…