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10 Best Valentine's Jewellery Gifts Under £150

How to Buy the Best Jewellery for a Woman – 4 fail-safe items

Guys! Spoil her and score BIG brownie points with these 4 fail-safe jewellery items. Best diamond jewellery for a woman, from £65 onwards, for ANY budget.

MORE JEWELLERY SALES! 10 Luxury Items from £150

We give you another 10 discounted luxury jewellery items, this time from £150. Choose the ones you love at any price point and get a great deal.

JEWELLERY SALES! 10 Stunning Best-Seller Pieces from only £50

Our jewellery sales have started! Come and pick diamonds, gems and gorgeous gold jewellery from a mere £50. Hurry, only while stocks last

What diamond cut is best for my engagement ring?

This article helps you decide which diamond cut is ideal for your engagemet ring. Explore 7 popular diamond shapes, and understand ‘cut quality’.

Winter Jewellery Inspiration: Four Frosty Gems You’ll Love

This seasons winter jewellery inspiration comes from frosty sparkle and cool blue gemstones. Think luxurious diamonds, blue topaz, tanzanite and aquamarine.

Kate Middleton’s Earrings – Her Top 5 Staples

Style icon Duchess of Cambridge is famous for wearing stunning diamond and gemstone jewellery. Here are the Top 5 of Kate Middleton’s earrings.