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10 Engagement Ring Tips

An engagement ring is a big, important, expensive purchase, loaded with love and symbolism. That’s why we’ve written these 10 engagement ring tips to get it 100% right.

1. It’s ALL about her

An engagement ring symbolises a massive milestone in your relationship. When you’re under this much pressure, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

However, before you do any diamond research, take a moment to think about this: the person who will be wearing the ring for the rest of their life is your fiancée.

So, don’t drive yourself mad with diamond qualities, girdles, sizes and cuts. Your jeweller will be able to point you to the perfect engagement ring for your budget.

But first, you have to suss out the style she wants.

2. Finding out what she wants

Some women love to be surprised. Some would prefer to shop for the ring together with you.

You know her better than anyone else, so you’ll have to decide which approach to take.

Either way, she’ll be most concerned about the ring suiting her personal style.

If you go the surprise route, to figure out her style, observe the jewellery she already wears. Is it big and sparkly? Or understated and simple?

If you’re not sure, don’t be proud – DO ask her sister or best friend for advice. You could also ask her mother, although the chances are that her peers, of similar age to her, will usually have a better idea of the style she’d like.

3. Ring size, ring size, ring size

This is a tricky one, because how do you measure someone’s ring size without spoiling the surprise?

Yet it’s the most important factor. If the ring is too small or big it can spoil the moment.

There are no easy answers, but here are a few good suggestions and solutions:

  • If she has an existing ring that she wears on her ring finger, then you could borrow it without her noticing, and measure it with a ring sizer app, ring sizer tool or have a jeweller measure it at a jewellery shop.
  • You could rope in one or more of her friends, and get them to pretend THEY’RE buying a ring for themselves or someone else. In the process, they might be able to subtly get your finacée’s ring size.

In the end, you may simply need to guess.

In that case, talk to your jeweller and make absolutely sure the ring can be resized later.

Some jewellers also offer substitute rings that you can propose with – and once you’ve popped the question, you can measure her finger and get the proper ring ordered.

4. Buy the best you can afford

Forget about the myth about spending two month’s salary on a ring. Some people do that, others don’t. It doesn’t matter, there are no rules.

However, do buy the best ring you can afford. Why? Because it is a piece of jewellery worn on the hand, every day, for life. An engagement ring will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear.

Buy the most robust ring you can possibly afford.

Take a moment to consider how much you’ve spent on your smartphone, car or another big item. Consider the longevity those products have. Now compare those purchases to your engagement ring, and how much long-term wear it will need to endure.

How much should you spend? Only you know your budget. You can get a great quality solitaire at around 0.33ct from around £500-600. Many jewellers also offer 0% financing.

5. The metal

Only invest in gold or platinum.

Silver may seem appealing because it’s so affordable, but it is way too soft and can bend out of shape if knocked, or the diamond can fall if she catches the ring on something. Silver rings should only be worn occasionally as fashion accessories, not as engagement rings.

Platinum is the best and hardest wearing metal. It’s silvery-white in colour. It’s also the most expensive.

Gold is a mid-price choice and perfect for engagement rings because it’s hard wearing. Gold comes in 3 different colours – white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. If going for gold,see points 1 and 2 to decide which colour she’d like.

6. The diamond

There are lots of articles about diamond quality, cuts and size. Here’s a good one if you want to read more on the topic. http://news.thediamondstore.co.uk/2018/01/26/buying-the-engagement-ring-she-really-wants-valentines-advice-men/

Too confusing? Here’s how to cut through the jargon:

• Choose diamond cut/shape first. This is determined by the style your fiancée wants (see points 1 and 2). Round diamonds are the sparkliest of all.

• Second, pick diamond quality. Any diamond up to 1 carat should be H/Si quality or above. H/Si is a fantastic, popular, great value choice for diamonds up to 1 carat. It will look beautiful, white and sparkly. Anything above that, in that size, is just a bonus as no one, except a jeweller with a powerful magnifying loupe, will actually be able to tell.

• Size is the final decision. If you have any money left over in your budget after you’ve nailed down the above two points, then spend any extra cash on diamond size.

7. Check return and exchange terms

Always make sure you have understood your jeweller’s refund and exchange terms and conditions.

Most rings are returnable, but sometimes custom made or special size rings can have return limitations.

8. Manufacturer’s guarantee

This is a no brainer.

Check that your jeweller offers a guarantee against any manufacturing or handcrafting faults.

9. Insurance

Remember, that just like when you buy a car, a guarantee will protect you against manufacturing faults only.

If you lose or damage the ring, or it gets stolen, only insurance can provide cover for this. Specialist ejwellery insurance is very affordable and protects you against all eventualities.

10. Finding the right jeweller

Finally, it’s crucial to find a jeweller you find comfortable with. Someone who can point you to the perfect ring for you, for your budget, without compromise.

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