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What Jewellery Suits My Dress? 4 Styles to Match Your LBD

“What jewellery suits my dress?” This is a good question. Knowing what jewellery looks best with your dress neckline and shape helps you create a stylish and elegant party look. Follow these 4 simple rules to pick the perfect necklace, bracelet and earrings for your little black dress.

What Jewellery Suits My Dress?

1. High Neckline

A high-necked dress will look too ‘busy’ if you add a necklace. This also applies to asymmetrical off-one-shoulder dresses and halternecks. Instead, slip on a pair of magnificent chandelier or drop earrings. For balance wear a large, opulent bracelet.

What Jewellery Suits Your Dress - High Neckline halterneck off-one-shoulder asymmetrical
1. Halo Earrings | 2. Chandelier Earrings | 3. Evening Bracelet

2. Plunging Neckline

A long pendant is the perfect accessory for a neckline that dips into a deep ‘V’ or ‘U’. Choose the chain length to match the scoop of the cleavage. A 20 inch (50cm) chain will generally fall below the collarbone. To be sure, use measuring tape to work out the perfect length for you.

What Jewellery Suits Your Dress - Plunging deep V neckline
1. Diamond Bar Necklace |2. Diamond Drop Necklace |
3. Diamond Drop Earrings | 4. Diamond Heart Earrings

3. Strapless Neckline

This dress shape offers the perfect opportunity to wear an essential diamond items that are understated and luxurious at the same time. For a simple and elegant approach, pair it with simple diamond studs or a solitaire pendant and a classic tennis bracelet.

What Jewellery Suits My Dress - strapless dress sweetheart straight
1. Diamond Studs | 2. Solitaire Necklace | 3. Tennis Bracelet

4. Bateau Neckline

A bateau neckline is designed to show off your collarbone. To accentuate this area even more, flaunt a bold collar necklace, choker or short pearls. Choose matching drop or stud earrings to bring the look together.

What jewellery suits your dress - bateau straight neckline
1. Diamond Collarette | 2. Emerald Necklace |
3. Emerald Earrings | 4. Transformable Stud/Drop Earrings

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