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Top 10 Tennis Bracelets for Wimbledon

Did you know? “Tennis bracelets” got their name when tennis champion Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during an energetic serve at the 1987 US Open – the entire game had to be stopped so that she could pick it up. In honour of Wimbledon, here are our Top 10 tennis bracelets, based on customer reviews and popularity.

1. Tennis bracelet in silver

Price £359.00

Silver Diamond Set 0.57CT Tennis Bracelet Item UD3226

2. Tennis bracelet 2 carats diamonds

Price £1,469.00

2CT Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 9K White Gold Item I3514

3. Tennis bracelet 1 carat diamonds

Price £989.00

Tennis Bracelet 1.00CT Diamond 9K White Gold Item I3374

4. Tennis bracelet 3CT yellow gold

Price £1,965.00

Tennis Bracelet 3.00CT Diamond 9K Yellow Gold Item I3384

5. Tennis bracelet 2CT white gold

Price £1,949.00

Chloe 18K White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2.00CT H SI Item FDT23 4JUY

6. Tennis bracelet half carat

Price £989.00

Tennis Bracelet 0.50CT Diamond 9K Yellow Gold Item I3355

7. Tennis bracelet 1CT yellow gold

Price £995.00

1CT Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 9K Yellow Gold Item I3501

8. Tennis bracelet 1CT silver

Price £479.00


9. Tennis bracelet 5CT yellow gold

Price £3,675.00

5CT Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 9K Yellow Gold Item I3594

10. Tennis bracelet 1CT in 9K gold

Price £995.00

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