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Why Amethyst is the Gem of Love

Right now, there are so many reasons to love and wear amethyst jewellery.

Here are our top 10.

1. No other gem looks as good in the winter

These gorgeous jewels have a beautiful, adaptable shade that goes perfectly with the season’s natural colours. Their vivacious pastel sparkle looks uplifting against gray and black outfits, without being overpowering.


2. It’s the birthstone for February

Were you born during this month? Wearing amethyst is said to bring you blessings and love, and encourage creativity.

3. Amethyst are said to be good with wine…!

We haven’t tested this theory yet. But according to ancient Greek gemstone lore these luscious (and coincidentally?) red grape coloured gems will stop you from getting drunk! Who knows, maybe it’s worth a try next time you head out on Saturnday night… 😉

Amethyst and opal cocktail ring in yellow gold

Amethyst and Opal Ring

4. It’s the official Valentine’s day gem

That’s because St. Valentine himself, the patron saint of lovers, was said to wear this gem on his ring. Why not drop a little hint to your significant other before February 14th?

Amethyst is a perfect Valentine's gift because it's the birthstone for February

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5. It combines beautifully with other gemstones

Their soft pastel radiance plays beautifully off baby blue topaz, shimmering white opal and pale yellow citrine.

6. The best amethyst comes from Brazil

Jewellery designers love Brazilian amethysts for making large, showstopping pieces, like cocktail rings. It’s the best quality amethyst around.

Loose amethyst gemstones at online jewellers ThediamondStore London

Natural Brazilian amethysts in our workshop – see our amethyst necklaces

7. You can afford it on a smaller budget

Since these gemstones are found as large crystals, big amethyst jewellery items are relatively affordable. If you want to start a gemstone jewellery collection, it’s an excellent gem choice to start a collection with.

8. It makes you more intuitive?

According to the Ayurvedic tradition, this gemstone aligns with the planet Saturn. The best finger to wear an amethyst ring is apparently on the middle finger, known as the ‘finger of Saturn’. Doing that is said to give you the gift of intuition.

Amethyst ring with diamonds in white gold

Amethysts Rings – various designs

9. It works wonders with purple accessories

You don’t have to stop at jewellery when you accessorize with amethyst. Combine this gem with bright dots of purple colour on your nails, eye liner, shoes, a scarf or a handbag.

Amethyst and diamond drop earrings in white gold

Amethyst and diamond drop earrings

10. It makes a beautiful gift

Amethyst makes a meaningful gift this month. A February birthday or anniversary is the ideal time to give someone a beautiful gift of gemstone jewellery.

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