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Men: How to Buy Gift Jewellery for Women

How do you buy jewellery for women? It’s a daunting task. Get it right and she’ll love you forever. Buy the wrong thing and this small item loaded with symbolism can put a real dampener on the special occasion.

That’s why we’ve put together this expert guide.

PART 1: Knowing what to buy

1. Look at her existing jewellery for ideas
Pay attention to the jewellery she already wears. Does she like small, simple items? Or big, sparkling ones? Is she classic or trendy? Does she wear silvery metals or yellow gold? Does she have pierced ears? What she wears now will tell you what she would like to receive as a gift.

Is her style more like classic Kate, luxurious Kim or cool Katy?

2. Add sentimental value
Apart from style, pick jewellery with personal meaning. For example, a birthstone to symbolise the month she was born. Heart-shaped items and initial necklaces are also great.

3. Don’t try to change her style
You might think hoop earrings are sexy. But if you know she hates big earrings, buying her a pair for Christmas won’t convince her to wear them, and will just end in disappointment.

4. Watch her window shop
Walk down through a department store together. Observe her to see what type of items make her eyes sparkle.

Men: How to Buy Jewellery for Women for Christmas

5. Ask her friends for advice
Her friends or sisters are closest to her in age. If in doubt, they’re the best people to advise you. Just make sure they can keep a secret.

6. No rings… unless you’re already married or planning to propose!
In our culture, when a man gives a woman a ring, thoughts invariably turn to wedding and engagement rings. So unless you already married or actually planning to propose, during the early stages of a relationship it’s not a good idea to give your girlfriend a gift ring. Avoid misunderstandings and give her a beautiful bracelet, earrings or a necklace instead.

7. Hold on to the receipt
We can’t always get it right, so keep the receipt. All good jewellers have a refund policy, bar some custom made items (do check before you buy).

Men: How to Buy Jewellery for Women for Christmas

PART 2: Budget without losing quality

Here are some smart ways to buy her high quality jewellery at an affordable price:

1. Sterling silver
Fine sterling silver jewellery makes a perfect gift for a first Christmas together. By investing in sterling silver you’ll get excellent precious metal quality, yet the price will be much lower than gold.

A charm bracelet is a meaningful and romantic Christmas gift

View Sterling Silver Diamond Bracelet

2. Illusion setting
An illusion setting is made from a white metal (usually silver or white gold). It creates a seamless frame around diamonds, making them look much bigger than they actually are.

Diamond Cluster Ring £309

View Diamond Cluster Ring

3. White topaz instead of diamonds
If diamonds are out of your reach, don’t go for synthetic stones or glass! Choose white topaz instead. It’s a genuine gemstone and sparkles fabulously.

These pearl and topaz earrings are a beautiful and very affordable Christmas gift

View Pearl & White Topaz Earrings £69

4. Gold vermeil
Vermeil is a combination of sterling silver and gold. So you’re getting a beautiful gold look with the best possible silver quality.

These gold vermeil hoop earrings are a beautiful and very affordable Christmas gift

View Rose Gold Vermeil Diamond Hoop Earrings £129

PART 3: Three sure-fire gifts

In our long experience, there are 3 jewellery gift items you cannot go wrong with:

1. Diamond stud earrings
If she doesn’t already have a pair, then this is the perfect gift she can wear any day of the week. (Just check she has pierced ears before buying!) Diamond studs go with any style and outfit, from evening gowns to jeans.

Diamond stud earrings are the ideal Christmas gift for any woman

View Diamond Stud Earrings

2. Diamond bracelet
This is an item she will get lifelong use out of. Because it’s a jewellery classic. Again, it goes with any outfit and suits any taste. A diamond bracelet nestled in a beautiful jewellery box is a gift that will make any girl very happy.

A diamond bracelet is the ideal Christmas gift

View Diamond Bracelets

3. Diamond solitaire necklace
If she already has diamond earrings or a bracelet, then a diamond solitaire necklace is a perfect addition to her collection. A solitaire pendant is ideal because it’s versatile, suited to both casual and formal occasions, and suits any complexion.

A diamond necklace is the ideal Christmas gift

View Solitaire Pendants

And if all else fails

Jewellery gift vouchers. Know she’ll be happiest choosing her own gift? Then a jewellery gift voucher makes a stylish and luxurious alternative to an ordinary shop gift card.

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