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Magnificent Engagement Ring for Christmas ONLY £2,319

Diamond Galileo 2.03CT Oval Side Stone Ring 18K White Gold

ONLY £2,319 
Or pay £34.03 per month

If you want to propose with a big, really showstopping engagement ring this Christmas, then this Galileo sidestone ring is a superb choice. It looks utterly luxurious, and feels very substantial on the finger thanks to the 18K gold and H/Si grade diamonds that our jeweller has used. It also gives off spectacular sparkle – just watch the quick video below to see that in real life.  And because we used this innovative diamond cluster technique, as well as sidestones on the band, it’s value is exceptional for such a high quality 2.03-carat ring.


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We love this ring because…
♥    2.03 carats!!!
♥    With extra sidestones on the band
♥    Unrivalled sparkle
♥    Luxurious measurements 16.4 x 11.1 mm
♥    UK hallmarked 18K white gold

See the 1-minute video:


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