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Meaning of Gem Colour in Engagement Rings

Colourful gemstones – this is one of the most coveted trends in engagement rings right now. A unique gem speaks volumes about your personality and your relationship. Gemstone colours have always had deep significance, from Cleopatra’s green emeralds to Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire ring. We did some finding out to discover the meaning behind each gorgeous gem colour. Pick your favourite below, to make your engagement ring extra special…


Pink is the ultimate feminine colour. Like the sacred lotus flower in Asian lore, it stands for beauty, understanding and unconditional love. It’s considered a highly favourable colour for engagement rings, because a pink gem is said to protect the love between a ring’s wearer and its giver, for an entire lifetime.

Pink tourmaline engagement ring

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Pink sapphire engagement ring

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White is a colour associated with light and snow. That’s why it stands for purity, innocence, sincerity and true feelings. Representing successful new beginnings, white is a colour that’s full of positive meaning for newly engaged couples.

White diamond engagement ring

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White opal engagement ring

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White pearl engagement ring

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Red stands for love, passion and joy – the perfect symbol of romance. Full of vitality and warmth, a red gemstone engagement ring will always stand out from the crowd, and make you feel very special. Red gems are also said to encourage stable, loving and happy relationships.

Red ruby engagement ring

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Red garnet engagement ring

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Blue is the colour of royalty. It also brings to mind cool water and beautiful cloudless skies. Blue gemstone engagement rings symbolise peace and tranquility. They are said to bring good communication, harmony and respect into relationships.

Blue sapphire engagement ring

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Blue topaz engagement ring

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Blue aquamarine engagement ring

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Black is associated with style, prestige and depth of character. The profound sparkle of black diamonds is reminiscent of a vast night sky filled with stars. Black diamonds are said to be the ideal gem for elegant power couples who find strength in each other.

Black diamond engagement ring

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Black diamond engagement ring

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Yellow is the colour of sunshine. It represents happiness, intelligence and energy. As yellow gemstones look warm, or even fiery, they’re thought to put a ‘spark’ in your relationship. Joyfulness, loyalty and spontaneity are the other characteristics associated with yellow gems.


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Yellow sapphire engagement ring

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Lavender, violet and mulberry are rich colours that look exotic and mysterious. Lilac symbolises intuition and inspiration. Purple engagement ring stones are thought to help remove obstacles, and bring excitement and adventure into your relationship.

Violet purple tanzanite engagement ring

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Purple amethyst engagement ring

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Green symbolises springtime, nature, growth and freshness. It brings to mind lush gardens and beautiful forests. It is also a colour associated with money. According to gemstone lore, green gems in engagement rings promote a life full of wealth, fertility and health.

Green emerald engagement ring

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Green peridot engagement ring

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Green sapphire engagement ring

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Orange is the colour of fire. As such, it combines the romance of red and the joy of yellow – making it a very powerful colour. Orange gemstones in engagement rings promise to keep your relationship full of spice, excitement and attraction!


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