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The Meaning of Diamond Wishbone Rings

What is the meaning of diamond wishbone rings? Their design is extremely popular but not many of us are aware of their true significance.

If you’re considering buying a wishbone ring, here are 6 facts to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Wishbone ring

They symbolise luck 

The concept of a “wishbone” goes all the way back to a popular game of luck playd in 4th Century Rome: two people pull on a turkey wishbone and the one left with the bone’s “V” is said to have all their wishes come true.

Today, this wishbone superstition is still very much alive. In particular in the USA where wishbone pulling is still a popular custom at Thanksgiving. As a consequence, wishbones are a popular shape for amulets and charms.

They were invented during the Victorian era

The Victorians loved symbolic jewellery. Their designs often featured gems, shapes and colours that had a hidden meaning. It’s easy to see why the wishbone would capture their imaginations.

When the “V” shape was translated from amulets to rings during the Victorian era, they became an instant hit. These small, personal pieces of jewellery held a deep romantic and personal meaning for their wearer.

Many people wear them for luck even today

Many people still wear wishbone rings simply because they believe them to act as lucky charms. For this reason, they are often given as gifts on important birthdays, anniversaries, or as wedding rings.

When set with diamonds, the hardest substance known in nature, they symbolise durable and long-lasting fortune.

Perfect wedding ring shapes

Another more practical reason for wearing this particular style of ring is if you’re already wearing an engagement ring with a central stone.

Most people prefer to wear their wedding ring and their engagement ring at the same time, and for this purpose the wishbone ring is ideal.

With a standard band, the diamond on your engagement ring may become damaged as the band rubs up against it – or the band may sit separated from the engagement ring as you can see in the far right picture.

However, the wishbone ring’s “V” shape can accommodate even larger, low-set solitaires comfortably and with no scratching or damage to the stone – as seen in pictures 1 and 2 below.



They can be worn any way up

Some people believe that wishbone rings should be worn pointing a certain way up, but this in fact is not true.

Wishbone rings work well as “stacking rings”, where several rings are worn together on the same finger, and they can be worn pointing towards any direction.

Wishbone wedding ring with diamonds

If worn as wedding bands, usually the engagement ring is slipped on after the wedding ring, meaning that a wishbone ring would be placed with the “V” pointing toward the wrist.

However, many people prefer the wishbone to point down towards the tip of the finger, so they wear their engagement ring and wishbone wedding band in a non-traditional way.

They look strikingly beautiful with diamonds

Wishbone rings with diamonds are eye-catching because they have such an unusual shape that’s teamed with the sparkle of diamonds.

This makes them exceptionally dazzling pieces of jewellery.

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