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Three Stone Rings: Love and Diamond Jewellery for St. Patrick’s Day

3 Stone Emerald Ring

3 Stone Emerald RingFEW items of jewellery are as rich with symbolism as “three stone” rings.

Their origin is the Celtic “trinity knot” ring, a traditional Irish gift given by one partner to another to show affection and commitment. Three stone rings also draw inspiration from the Irish legend of St. Patrick and the shamrock.

As their name suggests, they’re made with three stones set on the top half of the ring – and they’re perfect for important romantic occasions.

The trinity knot
Contemporary three stone rings are inspired by the Irish “trinity knot” symbol. Originally, this was a pagan art motif that the Celts carved into runestones. It is also very similar to the “three triangles” symbol that Vikings used to represent the Norse god Odin. Much later, it became linked to the Irish shamrock.

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St. Patrick and the shamrock
Saint Patrick and the shamrock are important symbols of Irish national identity. According to legend, Saint Patrick was a British boy captured by pirates and sold as a slave to Ireland. He later escaped and became a Christian missionary.

St. Patrick was known for using the three leafed clover, the shamrock, to explain the concept of Holy Trinity to his disciples. This is why the green clover, the trinity knot and trinity rings have historic importance and deep emotional value in Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March every year.

Modern meaning3 Stone rings for Patrick's Day
Now as much as ever, the trinity knot ring continues to be a very popular form of romantic Irish commitment jewellery. The three points of its shape stand for love, honour and protection. It’s often the first gift given by one partner to another.

Trilogy rings or three stone rings
Traditional trinity rings were made of metal, with three knots twisted into the band. The modern three stone ring, sometimes also called a “trilogy” ring, has simply evolved as a more sparkling variation of this.

Three stones tell a story
Apart from its historical significance, many couples pick a three stone engagement ring because it holds more meaning to them. The gems chosen can stand for many things:

♥ The past, present and future of a couple’s journey through life
♥ The affection, friendship and loyalty between two lovers
♥ A particular colour the bride loves, like blue sapphires or red rubies
♥ The birthstones of the bride or the groom, or both
♥ The month of an engagement or wedding anniversary
♥ A sentiment like sapphires for truth or diamonds for lasting commitment

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The practical benefits 
Apart from its meaning, a three stone ring is a more dazzling version of the solitaire engagement ring or the plain wedding band. As a very luxurious yet comfortable piece of jewellery, it’s also a great practical alternative to the full eternity ring.

Choosing a design
A three stone ring can feature any combination of stones. In some designs the central gem is bigger or set higher, in others the stones are the same size. You’ll find a great variety of gem cuts and creative elements, like diamonds surrounding the main stones or imaginatively shaped gold bands. Whichever style you choose, one thing’s for sure – a three stone ring always stands out from the crowd.

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