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Gorgeous gemstones

Gorgeous gemstones

Gemstones are just as beautiful as diamonds. The ever popular gemstones for jewellery such as sapphire, amethyst and ruby seem to overshadow other gemstones that are just as stunning. At The Diamond Store we hold a gorgeous selection of gemstone jewellery that covers the most popular to the lesser known.

Pink tourmaline is a gorgeous gemstone that is usually seen in a pastel pink hue, very similar to pink sapphire. It’s delicate and understated in it’s appearance and looks elegant as part of a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. Definitely a gemstone that deserves more recognition!

Opal is much more well known than pink tourmaline but definitely not worn enough. Opal has such a classic look about it, it’s perfect for those who love a vintage buy and is certain to insure a stunning look. Opal looks beautiful when set by itself or set with diamonds and other gemstones.

Turquoise jewellery is wonderful for those who love to make a statement and be bold with their fashion and jewellery accessories! It has a very mediterranean feel about it due to its colour and the way it is cut is usually rounded, similar to the jewellery that you would find in the mediterranean, beautiful.

Which gemstone is your favourite?

Search the item references on The Diamond Store website to find out more! 

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