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Showcasing the up and coming make up trends for Spring/ Summer 2014

Showcasing the up and coming make up trends for Spring/ Summer 2014

Here at The Diamond Store we love to know what’s on trend in fashion and beauty as well as the jewellery world, so we can advise and give you the full package! Make up is an extremely important part of a woman’s look. It can define so many different things about a woman, her mood and her sense of style. Experimenting with make up is something every girl has done since they drew across they’re faces with their mum’s bright red lippy when they were small! And we know so many of us still love to do this, quirky and unique or subtle and shy, there are always looks to experiment with that are perfect for you.

For those of you who prefer a more understated look with your make up and your fashion sense ,these ethereal, subtle looks are just right. If you have a paler complexion a softer lip is better for you.  Berry tones are the best way to go if you are wearing minimal make up and want to add a little colour. For the eyes, white eye shadow is ideal to help make your eyes appear wider and by adding a touch of liquid illuminator, your eyes will be the epitome of ethereal beauty.



If you like understated make up you’ll love understated jewellery too! At The Diamond Store we have such a wide range of jewellery that caters to everyone’s tastes.  From our gorgeous diamond stud earrings to our diamond claw set link bracelets with various gemstones, diamonds can certainly be gorgeous and understated all at the same time!

Another trend to look out for in Spring/ Summer is bold colours. Bright blues and greens for your eyes are set to make a statement in Spring and it looks stunning. The perfect colours to make your eyes pop! Eye shadow is the best piece of make up to experiment with if you want to make a statement.



As with the upcoming bright eye shadow trends, we have a vast choice of brightly coloured jewellery to match any outgoing sense of style. We have stunning gemstones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst to choose from, to name but a few!

Of course there are some timeless classics that will always make a comeback season after season. Our pick is winged liquid eyeliner; it oozes retro glamour and always looks amazing!


At the Diamond Store we also love to hold classic pieces that have been loved in the past and will continue to be loved in the future.  From classic diamond chandelier earrings to flawless diamond collarettes and bracelets, we have all the breath-taking favourites!

Which is your favourite make up trend for Spring?

Search the item references on The Diamond Store website for more info on these pieces!


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