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Shocking Proposal Statistics uncovered by Female First

Following our recent survey on (shocking proposal statistics) we decided to uncover why there is a gender divide (and sometimes not) when it comes to engagements.

Gary Ingram founder of The Diamond Store was on hand to answer questions put at him from Female First’s Lucy Watson to find out why some of these differences may have occurred.

battle of the sexes

Lucy: Why would women think that one month’s salary is an acceptable amount to spend on an engagement ring?

Gary: The bigger question we came across when we ran the answers by our Facebook fans is “why would anyone want to spend as much as a month’s salary.’’ Traditionally in the UK one month’s salary was used as a measure of budget for an engagement ring however in reality it should always be what the man (or couple) are comfortable spending.

Lucy: Why are women not trustworthy of partners when it comes to picking the ring?

Gary: This was an interesting one for us. In reality we hardly ever get engagement rings sent back to be swapped for a different style…which to us means that the emotion and event attached to the proposal far outweighs the style of the ring when it comes to it.

However, I think most woman who are not engaged are fearful of the ring they will be given….of course not releasing that when it comes to it the ring is only one part in the whole proposal.

Petra Engagement Ring UT26-92JU3S

Petra Engagement Ring

Lucy: Women and men are in agreement that a ring is an investment, so why do they agree on that?

Gary: Precious diamond and gemstone jewellery set in gold will always have a value unlike an electronic gadget which will become obsolete and worthless over a period of time. It is fair to say this is not the case with jewellery.

Lucy: Why does there seem to be a preference of diamonds over gemstones?

Gary: In short, tradition and diamonds are the most sought after gem.

Lucy: Why do men and women want a low-key affair when it comes to proposing?

 Gary: It is a private moment, a moment that needs to be treasured, not necessarily done in front of others and to a huge and immediate fanfare….of course there is also the risk of a NO….

Lucy: Why are many men happy to provide their partner with a ring from a previous relationship?

Gary: In hindsight if we had added …..without your partner knowing….I think we may have seen the number of men saying it was OK even higher…. thinking of all the men we speak to I think the ring is a much more emotional and symbolic object for a woman than a man….
You can see the full  article and interview over on the Female First site.

To check out the results gathered from the survey click here 

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