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Multi Gem Flower Ring

Multi Gem Jewellery is what I call “Happy Jewellery”.  It´s colorful, bright, happy and fun.  Multi Gemstone Jewellery is beautiful for summer months too.  The Diamond Store have a these two really cute multi gem flower rings.  There are lots more multi gemstone jewellery on the website including Multi Gem Earrings, Multi Gem Necklaces and Multi Gem Bracelets.


9K Gold Diamond and Multi Stone Flower Ring - E41779K Gold Diamond and Multi Stone Ring - E4079

The first ring above is currently on sale at just  £129.00 (prices may change).  It is in 9K Yellow Gold with 5 pear shaped gemstones.  The second ring is currently selling at £189 and is a gorgeous 9k yellow gold multi gem ring with 6 beautiful round gemstones.  My personal favourite out of these two is probably the second one.  I quite like even numbers  and also the round shape rather than the pear shape gemstone.

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  1. jenniferclairewatson says

    Yep the second one is also my choice, i like the colours inside the rings and i like how it starts to play with your eyes…

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