Heart Shaped Pendant


Heart Shaped Pendants


Heart Shaped Pendants are what I call every day pendants, a bit like Crucifix Pendants.  Whilst I love costume jewellery, it can sometimes be a little bulky and heavy and  trying to prepare breakfast, get ready for work and do the school run, you just cannot be bothered to think what necklace goes with your outfit.  So, its just easier to put on your everyday pendant that goes with everything.


Heart shaped pendants are very feminine, I wear a diamond heart pendant similar to this one on most days.  The bright white gold along with the diamonds actually show pretty well through an open neck shirt and I think it looks very sophisticated.  Wearing a little something nice everyday, like diamonds, does give a nice feeling.  Heart Shaped Pendants are a very popular gift at Valentines, for obvious reasons,  but many people give for Birthdays and Christmas too.


The Diamond Store offer a huge range of Heart Shaped Pendants.  They can be in yellow or white gold, platinum or silver.  You may want just a very plain Heart Shaped Pendant with a single diamond or maybe a Pave Setting Heart Shaped Pendant which can look stunning on a special occasion with that little black dress.


Pave Diamond Shaped Pendant

Heart Shaped Pendant with Solitaire Diamond

Heart Shaped Pendant with Emerald & Diamond

Heart Shaped Pendant White Gold

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