Solitaire rings in classic designs

There are many different types of rings available in the market today. From simple bands in different precious metals to overtly styled pieces that feature a multitude of different gemstones. The choice is endless.
One type of ring that has stood the test of time and is sure to bring a flutter to your partner’s heart is diamond solitaire rings. Due to the symbolism of this ring being attached to a marriage proposal, it is one of the most sought after and popular pieces.

Solitaire rings usually feature one gemstone set into a singe band and can come in many different styles. Most are claw set to show off the beauty of the stone from any angle and the diamond can be princess cut, emerald cut or marquise cut. Other settings include low set and set completely into the ring giving meaning it will be wearable every day without the worry of catching the stone or the stone becoming loose.

Whether you are choosing a ring as an engagement gift or for a different occasion altogether, this type of ring is a classic and understated style item that will adorn any finger for years to come.

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